Western Visayas

EFC- IloIlo Mother’s Day Celebration

June 6, 2024/by Philip Sy

EFC Iloilo City Special Service: Good Friday

April 12, 2024/by Philip Sy

EFC Western Visayas: Year-End Fellowship Party

February 10, 2023/by Philip Sy

Western Visayas 2ND Gift Giving: “THE POWER OF GIVING”

January 25, 2023/by Philip Sy

‘Blazing Night’: EFC-Iloilo City conducts its first Youth Evangelistic Concert

November 8, 2022/by Philip Sy


March 16, 2022/by Philip Sy

Bringing God’s Love to the Community

January 29, 2022/by Philip Sy

The Joy of giving

January 27, 2022/by Philip Sy

Keeping the unity through the bond of peace

On May 1, 2019, EFC-Iloilo and EFC-Ajuy had its first combined picnic. It was a gorgeous day at Mimai’s Inland Resort at Zaragga, Iloilo. Throughout the day the sound of laughter echoed in the air as families & friends spent quality time together.
May 22, 2019/by cecille

EFC-Iloilo Section Youth Flared up for New Level of Service

“Let no man despise your youth; but you be an example to them that believe, in word, in manner of life, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Tim. 4:12). On April 18-19, 2019, young people from EFC Churches of Iloilo, Pototan, Tigbawan, Guimaras, Dumagas, San Miguel, Bacolod, Sara and Tubugan congregated in EFC-Ajuy, Iloilo for a youth camp- a special time of equipping and mentoring.
May 20, 2019/by cecille

Win the Lost at all Cost

Five people received and dedicated their lives to God. God is really wonderful. The crusade was a challenge and an encouragement as well. The team is determined to go back in God’s appointed time to complete the work and bring more souls to His Kingdom.
April 15, 2019/by cecille

EFC- Iloilo Feeding Program Impacts Children’s Lives

EFC-Iloilo believes that sharing food is one of the effective paths to share God’s message.  As they looked around the city, they found a strategic street where there were lots of children playing every Sunday afternoon. The Ybernas Street, situated right at the heart of Iloilo City Proper.
April 3, 2019/by cecille

EFC-Antique Sunday Schools nurtured kids for Worship

The Sunday School Teachers of Evangel Family Churches in Dao, Barasanan, San Jose and Tobias Fornier, Antique gathered all their Sunday School Kids for a Children’s Camp with the theme, Worship the Lord your God.  The 2-day camp was slated on November 1-2, 2018 at EFC, Tobias Fornier, Antique.
December 6, 2018/by cecille

Two days of joyful experiences at Western Visayas Youth Conference

On May 22 and 23, 2018, some 124 excited young people from Iloilo churches were gathered in Living Spring Inland Resort at Dumangas, Iloilo. On the other side of the area, another group of young people who belonged to Antique section held a youth camp simultaneously with Iloilo section. They camped at Villamor Elementary School at Dao, Antique.
June 20, 2018/by cecille


Bro. Carling Flores stayed in Pandan, Antique for 4 years until he arrived at a good old age.  During the course of time, his health weaken and eventually he was not able to walk and was immobilized for weeks. Until God called him in His presence at the ripe age of 74, he lived a fulfilled and productive life.
June 5, 2018/by cecille