Bringing God’s Love to the Community

By: Ptr. Melanie Claire Igles

Last December 2021, the Evangel Family Church in Iloilo held their annual Christmas giving. A group of young professionals, young leaders, and volunteers came together and extended their assistance to exhibit love by giving foods, groceries, and sweets with children and poor families in several barangays throughout Iloilo City. Gifts were given to Baluarte Molo, San Pedro Molo, Dela Rama, Bakhaw Mandurriao, Calubihan Jaro, Cuartero Jaro, and Ortiz City proper. It was heart-warming to see the faces of each beneficiary who received those items filled with joy and enormous smiles.

But above all, it was the Word of God that was shared with them that mattered the most, not the beautifully wrapped gifts, but salvation, which can only be found in Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

The main reason we celebrate this season is because we have Jesus in our life. Rev. Benjamin Chavez and his wife, Pas Lina, were in charge of the gift-giving. We were able to reach out to several barangays and share God’s love with them. We are grateful to this younger generation, as well as our pastors and co-pastors, for making this activity possible, as well as to individuals who are always willing to share what they have in order to make these children and impoverished families happy, despite the hurdles we encounter.

In Acts 20:35 (NIV), I taught you that with this kind of hard effort, we must help the weak, remembering the words of the Lord Jesus himself: ”

It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Thank you wouldn’t be enough to express gratitude, but the kindness you displayed has done something in the lives of those people who have received the temporal gift, but most of all, the life eternal that they have received from our Savior Jesus Christ.

May the faithful Lord Jesus bless you abundantly and gloriously. All the glory and praise are due to God alone.