By: Pas. Hella Nimes/Krystle Fabales/Jalyn Joy Bachoco.

Camping especially together with churchmates and friends is usually the most memorable event in one’s journey in life.  This is a very potent strategy where God can speak to the youth without distractions from the outside world.  Indeed, it is a very effective approach for evangelism and Christian growth.

Every year, the youth of Jireh Evangel Church Planting in the Philippines (JECPP) holds a camp for the Western Visayas section:  Iloilo section and Antique section respectively.  Iloilo section is composed of 10 churches from Ajuy, Tubigon, Sara, Dumangas, Potitas, San Miguel, Tigbauan, Iloilo City, Guimaras and Bacolod.  Whereas, the Antique section is comprised of 8 churches from Anini-Y, Dao, San Jose, Sibalom, Patnongon, Bugasong, Laua-an, Culasi, Pandan and Libertad.

Iloilo Youth On the Go

On May 22 and 23, 2018, some 124 excited young people from Iloilo churches were gathered in Living Spring Inland Resort at Dumangas, Iloilo.  Behind the activity were the anointed men of God, Rev. Roseniel Rivera, Rev. Myrna Pacheco, Rev. Golda Surat and Rev. Benjamin Chaves, the National Chairman and Regional Director of the Western Visayas.

On the first day of the camp, Rev. Lina Chavez gave the orientation of the camp.  Rules and regulations were laid down in order to prepare the youth for the activities during the two-day camp.  Participants were expected to follow and be prompt in every schedule.

After the orientation, the delegates prepared for a Praise and Worship service.  Everybody sang with joy in their hearts.  A special number was given before the preaching of the Word.  The Holy Spirit moved in  praise and worship that every young people became hungry for God.  Rev. Roseniel Rivera, the Senior Pastor of EFC Tigbauan and Iloilo Section Core Leader, delivered the message about Remembering God All The Time.  The servant of God quoted Ecclessiastes 12:1 that the youth should remember their Creator.

After lunch, they were given time to practice drama presentation which should be based from the  messages during the previous services. At 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, water baptism was done. Three young people decided to follow the Lord Jesus.

During the last night of the camp, the Iloilo section held a mini-concert and skit-drama competition. After the evening service, Rev. Benjamin Chavez gave a very anointed message with the theme, Empowered to Serve. He challenged the youth to come to the altar and the pastors prayed for them. The Holy Spirit mightily moved upon the lives of the delegates. There was much joy among the youth. All night, they shared their testimonies and experiences on how good God is in their lives.

Antique Youth on Fire

On the other side of the area, another group of young people who belonged to Antique section held a youth camp simultaneously with Iloilo section. They camped at Villamor Elementary School at Dao, Antique. The pastors of the eight churches brought their youth which totaled to one hundred fourteen (114) excluding the pastors.

The first session was handled by Ptr. Lourgue Jimenez with the topic, Be Ignitable.  The message greatly touched the hearts of the delegates. They reflected deeply with knees bent in humility before the Lord and cried unto God, the Holy Spirit moved amazingly in their midst.

The Antique youth spent the afternoon in Bible Quiz and Message Relay. These games strengthened the camaraderie and sportsmanship among the youth. They gained knowledge about the Bible and learned to listen and send messages accurately as well.

After the games, the group had their pictorials together with their pastors. Then, Rev. Benjamin Chavez spoke on 1 Thessalonians 1:3. It was entitled, Empowered to Serve.  The speaker instructed the youth to make themselves available to God and dedicate their lives to Him.  They should eliminate destructions, evaluate their strengths and they have to work well with others.  And finally, he encouraged them to activate their gifts by serving God through their local churches.

On the second day, Ptr. Honorio Bachoco gave the words of God.  He centered His sermon on ABIDING IN CHRIST.  In the afternoon, four young people submitted themselves to water baptism.

In the evening service, Rev. Virgilio Fabales, Western Visayas Regional Deputy and the Senior Pastor of EFC-Dao, delivered the message of God, taken from Acts 3:19, he encouraged the youth to live a repented life and turn to God.

After the service, the Antique youth had a barbeque night where they were given the opportunity to meet and greet every delegate.

May 24 was packed up time for every delegate.  They were bound to their respective places, reignited and most importantly transformed by the love and power of God.