JECPP is a partnership between Singaporean and Filipino workers. Dr Robert Lim is the Founding Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Council of Spiritual Leaders, which comprise both Singaporean missionaries and national leaders. Presently, there are three Singaporean missionaries and about 615 workers engaged in JECPP’s nationwide operation. The entire church-planting ministry comes under the oversight of five regional directors based in five key cities: Quezon in Luzon; Cebu and Iloilo in Visayas; Cagayan de Oro and Davao in Mindanao. These directors meet regularly to deliberate on spiritual and administrative matters as well as to plan and pray for the task of planting churches in the Philippines.

The organization is headquartered in Cebu City and divided administratively into 5 regions, namely; Luzon, Western Visayas, Central and Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao, and Southern Mindanao. Coordinators and section leaders are appointed in the respective regions to assist the directors in the task of supervising the church planters and shepherding the local churches.