Evangel Family Church Pandan began on July 15, 1997.

JECPP advised me to start a church in Pandan.

As a result, I traveled to that location and began God’s ministry the following month.

God is so amazing and wonderful that He guided me to a group of individuals who were pleading for a divine messenger to bring them back into the presence of the Lord. One year later, God blessed me with a life partner, Esther Margoma, who gave me tremendous encouragement.

We struggled greatly because we lacked a permanent place of worship, but we never wavered in our belief that one day God would grant us what our hearts truly desire. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of a particular church member.

While we searched for a permanent home, one of the church members offered us a free new lot to erect a place of worship.

God is so kind that he has permitted us to erect a temple for him with the assistance of a church member.

We are always grateful to the Lord for choosing us to be an instrument in building His kingdom here on earth. As we labor for His kingdom, God can use us beyond comparison.