Evangel Family Church, Tacloban

My wife and I responded to God’s call to be missionaries through JECPP three days after our wedding.

The Lord directed us to Tacloban City, Leyte.

We began our Sunday service with just five people, including ourselves. Years have passed.

God is dependable. He kept adding souls until we had 20–30 at every Sunday service, and we started training and discipling potential leaders to be involved in church planting and feeding programs.

By the grace of God, the Lord blessed us with four children after 19 years of service, and my eldest daughter, Keziah Anne F. Banol, is the music assistant director at the EFC Tacloban. She is a senior high school student who can play any instrument in the church. She can also lead the music team without our music director and oversee various ministries at EFC Tacloban. Keith Nelson F. Banol, my second child, is a ninth-grade student who is 15 years old. He is our church’s drummer and guitarist and can help children in our daughter station churches. Keziah Mae F. Banol, my third child, is 13 years old and in Grade 7. She is also a member of a music group. She is also a music team member and can play the guitar; she was our backup singer and assisted our church planters in the various stations under our care. Kenneth F. Banol, my youngest son, is seven years old and a Grade 2 student. He also begins to play the drums and sing for our church offering every Sunday. Our God is so good and faithful that our regular church service draws 50 to 70 people every Sunday. In Region 8, we also planted six churches in various towns and barangays. The church has nearly 30 discipled leaders who oversee various ministries within our local church and 12 volunteer church workers who manage various church outposts. We also have six feeding stations directed by Cathelyn Batis, our children’s department teacher. Our church currently has a youth ministry, a young and professional ministry, a Gen Z ministry, a media team, a couple’s department, and a compassion department. The goal of each department is to win more souls for Christ. We have weekly discipleship training every Wednesday, including in Central and Eastern Visayas, under the supervision of Rev. Benjamin Chavez.

Here in EFC Tacloban, we engage in church planting, mass evangelism, crusades, children’s feeding programs, helping the poorest of the poor in our community where the EFC churches are, and applying relief operations in times of calamity. Here are photos of our various ministers.