EFC-New Corella pastors and members construct own house of worship

Last September 20, EFC-New Corella dedicated the building to God. During the church dedication service, Sectional leader, Pastor Gregorio Simpas, preached aptly on the message “Passion for God’s House”, noting the dedication  of Jesus on the purpose and purity of His church.
October 12, 2017/by cecille

Church unity brings forth successful crusade

Despite the rain, the team was determined that the crusade must go on, and so were the people in the community who came to attend. After the message, people came forward during the altar call and 21 souls received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
October 6, 2017/by cecille

EFC-Solano, Nueva Viscaya turns two years old

On June 25, 2017, EFC-Solano celebrated its second year church anniversary. They celebrated the occasion at a new rented building. God provided them a bigger place of worship.
October 4, 2017/by cecille

Kairos Training leads harvesters to the “uttermost parts of the earth”

The two-part nine-day course was a milestone not only for the 19 participants but also for the seven TMFI facilitators who conducted the entire training in the Cebuano language for the first time. Despite the participants’ limited access to reading materials, they were able to fully grasp the Cebuano-translated Kairos course which deepened their understanding on global missions.
September 8, 2017/by cecille

Synchronized Prayer September 2, 2017

Praise God for a victorious Prayer Walk!
September 2, 2017/by cecille

EFC-  Koronadal commemorates 5th year

It’s been 5 years since Pastor Willy and Pastora Rosemin Pontillas set their hearts and ears to God’s prompting for the Hiligaynon-speaking people in the south of Mindanao. In 2012, the couple met with their JECPP Regional Directors Rev. Peter and Christine Wee to discuss the possibility of planting another Evangel Family Church in the heart of South Cotabato. That meeting ushered the first Sunday fellowship of the pioneering EFC-Koronadal at AGREDA Village, Bo. 1 Koronadal, South Cotabato.
August 8, 2017/by cecille

Home sweet home for EFC-Iloilo

EFC-Iloilo, formerly known as EFC-Jaro, was planted in 1994 at Brgy. Quartero, Jaro, Iloilo City. Road widening and floods during rainy season caused much hassle to the church that it finally decided to transfer after 20 years in Jaro. The church moved to a building space at Ortiz Street, Iloilo City. The new place was comfortable but not spacious enough to hold more people.  The water system was another inconvenience. For the next two and a half years, the church prayed and waited for God’s next move.
August 8, 2017/by cecille

Haircut outreach on Dads’ special day

Every Sunday afternoon in Little Tondo at Barangay Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City (CDO), bright faces of children and EFC-CDO volunteers eagerly gather to worship Jesus. But on this special day of June 18, fathers joined the fun.
July 13, 2017/by cecille

Tribal camp stresses soul winning of the family

With great desire to strengthen the family unit, the 8th Tribal Family Camp was held last May 22-25, 2017 at Evangel Family Church-Marahan with more than 250 campers from the different outstation churches. The participants came with eagerness to bring family members to God’s Kingdom.
June 21, 2017/by cecille

EFC-Tagbilaran celebrates two-decade journey

Twenty years of serving the Lord, and Pastor Bene Cabase and wife Pastor Leah could look back and marvel at God’s workmanship in the lives of His servants.
May 20, 2017/by cecille

Luzon youth go forefront in new assignments

After the fiery trial that reeled the JECPP family in Luzon, our young people took the lead in rebuilding. Like a baby learning to walk, each wobbly but determined step is a break through, a new confidence to firmly stride and march in to new assignments and positions in the Kingdom.
May 13, 2017/by cecille

Youths eager for the Joshua anointing

The mighty warrior Joshua, whose exploits in God continue to shine today, began his humble training as a youth. Just like him, the present generation of young warriors are eager to pledge their faithful devotion, active obedience, and unwavering commitment to the call of Almighty God. Gone are the days of folly, wander, and backsliding. Today’s end-time warriors seize their destiny as their mouths confess, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…today!”
May 13, 2017/by cecille

Summer Camp sets Youth’s hearts ablaze!

It rained like fire from the heavens as the young people of JECPP Northern Mindanao experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the youth conference held last April 10-13, 2017 in Cagayan de Oro City. More than 125 participants from Cagayan de Oro, Mambayaan, Manticao, Naawan, Balingasag, Lala and Malaybalay had a life changing encounter with God – a spiritual turning point that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.
May 6, 2017/by cecille

Christian youths restored to destiny

“Restore” was the theme of the Fourth NexGen Southern Mindanao Youth Conference. Young people, leaders and pastors from Southern Mindanao Region, gathered together at Mergrande Ocean Resort, Dumoy, Davao City on April 12 – 15, 2017. The theme was very timely for the young people who want a genuine revival in their passion for God. More than two hundred participants from Davao City, Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, SOCSKSARGEN, and Tribal Sections came together and was so far, the most attended camp for Southern Mindanao Region.
May 3, 2017/by cecille

His Presence, breakthroughs and assignments to the Youth

Youth camps are fun yet seriously heart-stirring gatherings young believers look forward for. And this year’s regional youth conference was filled with so much excitement not only because of Hidden Valley Mountain Resort’s pools and wonderful sights and the different presentations for the DanDraMuzik Night but ultimately because of the amazing pouring out of God’s presence every heart was expecting.
May 3, 2017/by cecille