By: Krystle Fabales

The Sunday School Teachers of Evangel Family Churches in Dao, Barasanan, San Jose and Tobias Fornier, Antique gathered all their Sunday School Kids for a Children’s Camp with the theme, Worship the Lord your God.  The 2-day camp was slated on November 1-2, 2018 at EFC, Tobias Fornier, Antique. The program was especially designed to give the Sunday School children an opportunity to know Jesus more through Worship Time, Bible Games and Bible Stories.  The teachers believed that holding a camp is a convenient atmosphere for the children to grow spiritually and at the same time become independent and self- confident, while socializing and making new friends.

It was a concerted effort between the Pastors of the three EFC churches, Pastoral Staff and the Sunday School Teachers.  All of them were determined to provide a memorable event for the children. On the first day, the children excitedly presented themselves to the teachers for their ID and immediately roam around the venue, gleefully admiring the colorful decorations prepared just for them.  After the registration time, the participants headed to the church’s hall for Praise and Worship led by Sis. Krystle Joy Fabales.  The kids sang their heart out and gave their best dances to worship the King of Kings.  The entire day was filled with fun filled activities.  On the night service,  Sis. Darlyn Seguerra led the action-packed Praise & Worship.

The following and final day, the participants woke up early for prayer devotion led by Sis. Julie Magbanua.  By this time, the kids were already used in closing their eyes, folding their hands and bowing their heads  as they pray. All of them thanked God for His blessings.  It was quite a sight to behold for the hardworking Sunday School Teachers.  Breakfast was served right after the morning devotion and a movie about “Adam and Eve” was played while the kids were eating.

The morning activity started with Praise and Worship led by Bro. Ronald Sagudaquil Jr.  The kids clapped and raised their hands to worship Jesus.  Right after, Sis. Nikki Jane Ocario, shared a Bible Story about the life of Prophet Samuel, while Sis. Krystle Fabales is the night’s story teller.  She shared about the life of Daniel. Other camp’s speakers were Sis. Rexsyra Abiday and Sis. April Sagudaquil.  All speakers  gave their best to deliver the message of God to the children, they extended their love to the children by staying throughout the entire duration of the camp.  They continually shared their wisdom, learning and experiences to the children which encouraged and inspired the participants to serve God. During the camp, the children began to understand the importance of worship, prayer and reading the Word of God.

There were no dull moments during the entire camp. The place was engulfed with the presence of God.  Truly, the Kingdom of God belongs to the little ones (Luke 18:16).  It was a fruitful camp for everyone as the children made new found friendships, grow more in prayer and worship and most of all were transformed by the Word of God.