oriental_mindoro_mapMindoro is a province of the Philippines from 1921 until 1950  when it was  split into   two provinces, Oriental Mindoro  and Occidental Mindoro.

The word Mindoro came from two words, Mina and De Oro which together mean large deposits of gold.

Mindoro was first discovered by Miguel Lopez De Legaspi, the first Spanish Governador General of the Philippines.

Since 1921, many different people from different provinces came to migrate in Mindoro. Mindoro has many dialects like Ilocano, Bicol, Tagalog, Ilonggo, Cebuano and Visayan.

Oriental Mindoro is an agricultural province. Farming, rice planting, fruit – bearing trees and fishing are the resources for living.

Oriental Mindoro is a religious province composed of different sects, but despite this, many Baranggays are not yet evangelized.

EFC-Oriental Mindoro

Pas Eddie & familyJECPP churches are located in Oriental Mindoro which has 14 towns and one city.

Our JECPP Mindoro sectional office is located at Bethel Victoria, Oriental Mindoro.

In 2006, l met  Rev. Salvador Lachica seeking  for pastors  willing to plant churches under  JECPP.  That time l was pastoring an independent church. Pastor Lachica brought me to Calapan for interview. There were 9 Pastors who were interviewed, and I’m the only one that’s left working with JECPP now.

After that interview, I asked the Lord for the right place to plant a church for JECPP. After a month of praying, God led me to San Cristobal. After I had the permission of the Barangay Captain, l began to evangelize house to house. God blessed me one day when l met brother Jessie Yasona who is now our volunteer leader. After sharing the word of God to him and his family, they committed their lives to Jesus and offered their house for gathering every Sunday afternoon. After one year of meeting in their house, he donated a small lot for church building. Today, we have a beautiful Evangel church building in San Cristobal.

In 2010, God began to open my eyes after I heard Dr. Robert Lim preached on CPM(Church Planting Movement). l was so challenged on that day to plant more churches. l was also blessed by the vision God entrusted him. As a church planter, l took that vision and shared to our leaders.

In 2011, God led Dr. Robert Lim in a new strategy that challenged my life, and that was to train leaders through T4T (Training 4 Trainers). This is a very helpful material for church growth and training of leaders and members.

In the middle of 2013, our new Luzon Regional Director, Rev. Jessie Yu, gave me a  challenge to be the core leader in Mindoro. This duty is not easy, but by the grace of God, l accepted the responsibility according to the ability God entrusted me. As a new core leader, l encouraged every church planter in Mindoro to teach T4T.

Today, Evangel Family Churches in Mindoro are moving forward. Thank God for His grace. I gave my thanks to JECPP for caring for us so well( written by Rev. Eddie Falla, Mindoro Section Core Leader).