By: Ptr. Hella Nimes

The power of giving comes from the heart, not because you have a lot of money or things to give but because the cause is essential to you. to give without expecting anything in return.

As children, we cherished the joy of receiving small delights every Christmas from relatives and other people. Even though most of them are modest, it causes great joy for a child like us. The excitement and the joy we felt was priceless. And those memories remained etched in our minds as we grew older. This happened because some people showed their love and appreciation for us.

The same feelings I had experienced before were felt by the children who received their gifts of goodies, toys, and snacks during our second gift-giving. As they opened their gifts, the gleam of joy shone on their innocent faces. They cheered and laughed as they enjoyed the games. You can also see the grin on the face of the parents as they watched their children enjoy. The place was filled with happiness and celebration. And this is our mission: to let the children feel the warmth of Christmas in the way they remember the goodness and faithfulness of God in their lives.

Not only did we provide them with physical items and food, but we also provided them with the Word of God. Sharing why there is Christmas and what it means. Despite their ages, they listened attentively and were able to answer every question regarding the message.

They accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Here are the names of the outstations and the number of recipients:

EFC Nasidman has 63 children and ten adults; EFC Malayuan has 30 children and five adults; EFC Progreso has 17 children and six adults; EFC NHA Palatak has 57 children; EFC Pili Luyo has 30 children and six adults; EFC Pili Tigbao has 17 children and eight adults; and lastly, EFC Dawis has 11 children and three adults. They were all 285; last year, they were only 232.

It is evidence that God blesses our hearts’ desire for his glory and honor. Despite the current economic crisis, God demonstrates that we live not on the human economy but on His economy!

We give because we have received more in our lifetime than we could ever account for, and now it’s our turn to switch on the porch light and to give back to the community where God put us. I indeed believe this will be forever engraved in the children’s memories. Not just those things count, but also the thoughts.

May God bless EFC with more souls through this ministry. All glory belongs to God.