EFC-Sta. Barbara

Currently located at Cabugao Sur, Sta. Barbara, Evangel Family Church Sta. Barbara launched its first service in October 2003. “A church that never stops reaching out for souls in season or out of season” was Pastor Trojan Vasquez’ vision of this new church she is going to lead. With that dream, EFC Sta. Barbara was born.

In 2002, Pastor Reynold and Pastor Trojan Vasquez were sent to Brgy. Cabugao Sur, Pavia, lloilo to pioneer a church. Being new in the place, persecutions, and rigors of the ministry were indeed very challenging. The church was further tested when Typhoon Frank struck Visayas in June 21, 2008. The church property was immensely damaged. The pastors considered themselves privileged to serve God in that place, so together with the faithful flock, they trusted God’s restoration and healing.

To start out of nothing was difficult. Finding a property or paying for rent proved challenging. Transferring from one place to another was tough. With all of these hardships and sacrifices, God however was never blind and deaf to see and hear His servants. God worked through the church as the congregation hand-in-hand donated money for rent, built the church building, and bought worship instruments. God also used many other people to help and bless the church.

As EFC Sta. Barbara continues to grow, the pastors and members hold on to their dream for lost souls to be found and many wounds bound as Jesus commissioned His church to be.