General Santos City, commonly known as GenSan, is located on the archipelago’s southernmost tip in Region XII and the nearest city to Indonesia and Malaysia, in the South.

There are no distinct wet or dry seasons in the area, but temperatures can range from 21°C to 36°C. The vast mountain ranges that cover the area protect it.

GenSan is the home of world class boxing champions namely Manny Pacquiao and  Nonito Donaire.

Its people make their living primarily through fishing, earning GenSan the title “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines.” GenSan is one of Mindanao’s fastest growing and most livable cities.

Amidst of the City’s fame, God turns His gaze to His people who live in this bountiful city in order for them to establish His righteous ways here. And there, JECPP proclaimed God’s praise. Evangel Family Church Gensan was born to win souls for Christ.

It was on February 14, 2004,when Pastor Albert decided to dedicate his life to God after being saved from the serious Valentine’s Day bombing in Gensan.  Pastor Albert as young as 25, resigned from his job to take heed of the Holy Spirit’s prompting in his heart to what God called him to be.  God called him to be a shepherd of an unknown flock, and he attended ECME for rigorous training.

Members who live far away and cannot afford to travel are brought to the services by the church’s Bongo Truck. Every Sunday, the church hosts two services: one in the morning for adults and one in the afternoon for youth and children. Every Prayer Gathering is a celebration for the church; it is packed with members who are ecstatic to meet God in prayer together.

‘Small Groups’ are one of the most important church-introduced strategies. Every Sunday and weekday, each member is assigned to a group with which they can fellowship. Following the church services, members were given time to meet in small groups to discuss what they had learned in the sermon and to pray for each other’s personal prayer requests. In this way, the church can accommodate newcomers and visitors by placing them in small groups.

As the world prepares for the New Normal, EFC Gensan never stops reaching for souls, particularly those of the city’s children and young people.

Pastor Albert founded the Heart’s Joy Ministry in 2022, feeding 150+ children weekly in four Barangays in Gensan. The parents who were present at the feeding locations were given 1 kilo rice and Bibles, which helped to build relationships and invite them to church services.

The church also established “Tsinelas ( Slippers ) For The Street Kids” whose mission is to bless the street kids with slippers after the sinners prayer.

Two feeding areas were dens of pickpockets, prostitutes, rugby boys, and gamblers, and we are grateful that God has used only EFC Gensan to reach them, and they regularly attend our CPM church at Ecco Parking Space. Pastor Albert believes that a church should have an impact on the community and be a channel of God’s love, thus saving the entire community for Christ.

For the sake of God’s glory, the church continues to let go of its inhibitions. More volunteers were trained, particularly in Feeding Ministries and CPM churches.

The church’s attendance and finances are increasing, and more churches are being planted.

EFC Gensan is praying for a church lot and building, as it has been the heartcry of every member for many years.

As of February 2022, Pastor Albert is overseeing 24 churches in the SOCCSKSARGEN SECTION, which includes South Cotabato, Sarangani, and Gensan, and he continues to believe that God will use mightily all of the Pastors and Workers in his section and become unrestrained in his efforts to reach souls for Christ in this region.