A single mother to two daughters and a son, Rev. Roseniel E. Rivera leads the Evangel Family Church in Baguingin, Tigbauan, and Iloilo. She is a native of Murcia, Negros Occidental. Pastor Roseniel joined JECPP as one of the students of Evangel Mission School in 1999. She is now one of the core leaders in the Iloilo section. During their sessions, she expanded her ministry by teaching and preaching to local officials in the municipality of Tigbauan. She was also assigned as a life coach in the Tigbauan Municipal Police and Provincial Force Company. With God’s grace and a team of faithful church leaders and workers, EFC-Baguingin continues to reach out to the people of Tigbauan through different church ministries. Pastor Roseniel and the church members are preparing for the church building to be constructed anytime soon on a piece of land they have purchased. In God’s timing, everything is possible. In His timing… To God be the glory