Written by: Kezia T. Chavez

Celebrating the Legacy of Mothers: A Joyful and Inspiring Service at Evangel Family Church-Iloilo

God is indeed good, as demonstrated by the victorious service held on May 12, 2024, at Evangel Family Church-Iloilo. This special Mother’s Day service, centered around the theme “Legacy of Mothers,” was a heartfelt celebration of maternal influence and faith.

The service commenced with a heart-warming praise and worship session led by the talented EFC-Iloilo musicians. Their inspiring music prepared the congregation’s hearts to receive the word of God. Following this, the EFC-Iloilo youth presented a special serenade, dedicating a beautiful song to express their gratitude towards their mothers. The congregation was deeply moved by the poignant message conveyed through the performance.

Reverend Benjamin S. Chavez then delivered an enlightening sermon titled “A Mother’s Legacy,” drawing from 2 Timothy 1:5. He emphasized the profound impact of Timothy’s sincere faith, nurtured by his grandmother and mother. Reverend Chavez highlighted that Timothy’s spiritual blessings were a direct result of being raised by godly women. Referencing Proverbs 22:6, he encouraged mothers to have a clear vision for their children’s future, beginning at birth to shape and guide them. He stressed the importance of teaching children to set goals and modeling a godly family through a strong marital relationship.

The sermon resonated deeply with the congregation, particularly during the altar call. Many responded to the message, leading to an outpouring of faith and prayers for their mothers. The service concluded with a profound sense of joy and gratitude filling the hearts of all attendees.

Following the divine service, the church’s youth leaders organized a talent night contest themed “Talents Night: Raised by Godly Moms.” The event began around 3 PM with an opening prayer and remarks by Reverend Benjamin Chavez. The criteria for the singing solo, duet, and dancing categories were read, and the judges were introduced. The young participants showcased their remarkable talents, starting with dance performances, followed by vocal solos and duets. The audience enjoyed the displays of skill and confidence, creating a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

One of the highlights was a young person’s touching sketch of her grandmother, accompanied by a heartfelt reminiscence and gratitude for her life. During the tabulation of scores, BL John Chavez provided an intermission performance, adding to the evening’s enjoyment.

The awarding ceremony celebrated the participants’ talents with prizes and acknowledgments. Pastor Melanie Igles delivered closing remarks, followed by a closing prayer from Pastor Gerome Belarga. The program’s finale featured a praise jam led by the EFC musicians. The young people wholeheartedly expressed their devotion through music, filling the space with love, joy, and peace.

The entire day was a testament to God’s goodness, celebrating the enduring legacy of mothers and the vibrant talents of the youth. Itwas a time of spiritual renewal, joyful fellowship, and heartfelt gratitude, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Mother’s Day Service

Talent Night