By: Pas. Bing Simpas

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of EFC Tagum must have been a deeply emotional and joyous occasion for everyone involved. As they reflect on the journey, they find themselves overwhelmed by God’s goodness and the realization of how far they’ve come.

The scripture from 2 Samuel 7:18 serves as a poignant reminder of King David’s humility before God, acknowledging God’s faithfulness and grace despite his unworthiness. Similarly, the members of EFC Tagum recognize their limitations and the enormity of God’s blessings upon their ministry.

As they celebrate this milestone, it’s evident that every individual has played a significant role in the growth and success of the church. Each person’s contribution, whether big or small, has been instrumental in fulfilling the mission that God has called them to.

Rev. Peter Wee’s message on “The Power of Unity” sounds incredibly inspiring and relevant to the congregation of EFC Tagum. Drawing from Psalms 133:1-3, he highlights the importance of unity within the church community, emphasizing that unity is not just about being in the same physical space but also about aligning with the vision and purpose set forth by the leaders.

The analogy of the church as a body, with each member playing a vital role, is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness and interdependence within the community. Just as a body functions harmoniously when every part works together, so too should the members of the church cooperate and support one another in their shared mission.

The imagery of Mount Zion and Mount Hermon, despite their geographical distance, receiving the same dew of favor from above, beautifully illustrates the idea that God’s blessings and favor transcend physical boundaries. As long as the church remains unified and aligned with its head, which is Christ, they can trust that God’s favor will flow down upon them abundantly.

Despite facing challenges, doubts, and uncertainties, they have persevered with unwavering trust in God’s guidance and provision.

Starting from scratch with nothing but their faith and determination, they have seen God work miracles and provide for their every need. Their experiences of overcoming obstacles, enduring criticism, and weathering storms have only strengthened their faith and reliance on God.

Through it all, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to serving God and building His kingdom. They have witnessed the growth of their church community, the transformation of lives, and the expansion of their ministry into new endeavors such as sending members to Bible school and missions and planting new churches.

As they reflect on their journey, they can’t help but marvel at how far they have come and how much God has blessed them. From a small group of pioneers to a thriving church community with a dedicated worship space, modern instruments, and a growing congregation, every step of their journey bears witness to God’s faithfulness and provision.

What a beautiful testament to the faithfulness of God and the dedication of those who have been instrumental in the journey of EFC Tagum. As they celebrate 30 years of ministry, they do so with hearts filled with gratitude for all that God has done and anticipation for what lies ahead.

Their confidence in God’s faithfulness is unwavering, as they have seen His hand at work in every aspect of their journey. From the inception of the ministry to its growth and impact over the years, they recognize that it is God who deserves all the glory and praise.

The tagline ‘3G’ – Give Glory to God – encapsulates the essence of their mission and serves as a constant reminder of their purpose and focus. They understand that their ultimate goal is to bring glory to God in all that they do, echoing the sentiment expressed in Psalm 115:1. which says “Not to us, Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

As they express gratitude to JECPP, Rev. Dr.  Robert, and Rev. Marion Lim for initiating the mission, and Rev. Peter and Rev. Christine Wee for their continued support and prayers, they acknowledge that all honor and glory ultimately belong to God.

With hearts full of gratitude and anticipation, they eagerly await the next chapter of their ministry, confident that God will continue to lead, guide, and bless them in the years to come. All glory to God, now and forevermore!