By: Angel Grace F. Marcellana

Mindoro Section

Amidst the whispering pines and serene landscapes of Pine – PBTS Baguio City, the NexGen Youth Camp, organized by JECCP Luzon from June 25-27, became a sanctuary for the soul. It was an experience rich with laughter, learning, and memories that would linger long after the last campfire faded.

Excitement buzzed in the crisp mountain air as participants arrived, greeted by towering trees and the warm embrace of the campsite. Settling into their rooms, they shared a hearty breakfast, marking the start of new friendships and the rekindling of old ones. The laughter and chatter over pancakes and coffee set the tone for the days ahead.

Each day dawned with the promise of new insights and the joy of serving the Lord. Mornings began with fervent prayers and uplifting praise and worship sessions led by vibrant teams from EFC Palawan. Pastora Greta Tamayor of EFC Palawan inspired everyone with words from Matthew 9:36-37. She emphasized three principles explaining why God empowered His people for the harvest. First, God created them to influence their territory. Secondly, He restored their authority to influence it. Thirdly, the Holy Spirit reinforced this influence. Pastora Greta’s words left a profound impact on eager hearts.

Afternoon workshops buzzed with activity, divided into four dynamic groups. Participants delved into topics presented by the speakers, with special sessions for the Pastors’ Group. These workshops weren’t just lectures; they were interactive exchanges, sparking critical thinking and responsible action—what they called Heaven’s Culture.

The first evening session commenced with an empowering and uplifting praise and worship led by EFC Laguna. Pastor Eddie Falla spoke about the Principle of the Harvest taken from John 4, challenging delegates to support their pastors’ vision for the harvest. This message awakened everyone to work hand-in-hand with their pastors in ministry.

Another new day brought another revelation from God. After a scrumptious breakfast, delegates intentionally connected with each other, establishing friendships and camaraderie. EFC La Union led vibrant and uplifting praise and worship songs.

Ptra. Annaliza shared about “Passion Ablaze” from Mark 12:28-31. She explained that passion energizes believers to do God’s will. Without passion, ministry becomes boring and monotonous. God desires not just love but passionate love from His followers. Her call for self-evaluation on how passionate they were in serving the Lord resonated deeply.

The second night transformed into a realm of excitement and spiritual reflection. Post-dinner devotions and praise sessions culminated in Mission Night, a spectacular showcase of talents. Heartfelt reflections and altar calls, as Pastor Jetro shared about seeing the harvest through the eyes of Jesus, created personal connections with God. Empowered and with a clear vision, the delegates left with a fiery passion to do the harvest.

Pastors offered blessings and prayers, leaving no soul untouched. Everyone felt grateful and blessed for the entire retreat, witnessing God’s miraculous work in their lives, reigniting and empowering their commitment to serve Him.

The final day was a celebration of nature and togetherness. The tour allowed everyone to bond with family and friends, fostering a deep connection with the world crafted by their Creator. Each moment was a gem, a snapshot of joy, teamwork, and camaraderie among churches.

As the camp drew to a close, hugs, laughter, and promises to stay in touch filled the air. The youth departed with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with new skills, cherished friendships, and a broader perspective on life. This camp wasn’t just a retreat; it was a transformative journey. It empowered young minds to embrace their mission, connect with their community, and become agents of harvest in their respective churches.

The NexGen Youth Camp at PBTS Baguio City stood as a testament to the power of God and the potential within each young heart for a bountiful harvest.