By Marian Claire Mondelo

Embracing the spirit of joyful giving during the Christmas season is a beautiful reflection of the values and teachings that inspire love, benevolence, and selflessness. The essence of Christmas, rooted in the extraordinary gift of hope and salvation through the birth of Jesus Christ, serves as a powerful reminder of the joy that comes from giving.

As we share our blessings with others, whether it be through tangible gifts, acts of kindness, or simply offering our time and presence, we contribute to creating a sense of unity and warmth within our community. The Christmas narrative teaches us that giving is not just a material exchange; it is an expression of love and a way to bring hope and joy to those around us.

The Christmas Joy project organized by Evangel Family Church Cagayan De Oro is truly a testament to the spirit of selfless giving and the embodiment of God’s love throughout the year. The initiative to provide food packs to 150 outstation families reflects the church’s commitment to spreading joy and kindness within the community.

The dedication and support of the church members, who generously gave not only financial resources but also their time and efforts, are commendable. The entire process, from organization to distribution, involved a significant amount of work, and the fact that everyone gave their all and made sacrifices highlights the genuine commitment to the Christmas-giving endeavor.

The involvement of church members as volunteers in the purchase, sorting, and packing of products underscores the unity and sincere dedication of the church community. It’s heartening to see individuals coming together with a shared purpose, working harmoniously to bring joy and support to those in need.

As the church members join hands to extend their kindness to outstation families, they create a ripple effect of goodwill that goes beyond the immediate recipients, touching the hearts of everyone involved and fostering a sense of unity and compassion within the community.

The detailed account of the Christmas Joy project’s distribution on December 21 and 22 reflects a well-organized and impactful effort by Evangel Family Church Cagayan De Oro. The decision to split the distribution into two batches, reaching multiple barangays, demonstrates a thoughtful approach to ensure that the joy of giving is spread across a broader community.

The distribution locations, including Barangay Consolacion, Nazareth, Bolonsori, Indahag, Zone 8, Quadruplex, Pagatpat, and Molugan, indicate a commitment to reaching diverse areas and communities, ensuring that the Christmas Joy project has a meaningful impact on a wide range of families.

The successful dispersal of 75 food packs on both Day 1 and Day 2, along with the additional gesture of providing toys to the children in each barangay, adds a special touch to the initiative. It not only addresses the immediate needs of the families but also brings joy to the hearts of the children, enhancing the overall impact of the project.

The involvement of Pastor Roberto Padinit, Pastor Jefferson Ouano, the church staff, TKK teachers, and volunteer members highlights the collaborative effort and unity within the church community. Special appreciation is extended to Pastors Andrew and Pastora Rowena Kwong, whose influence, even in their absence, has played a significant role in guiding and inspiring the church members.

The palpable excitement and gratitude expressed by the recipient families, as well as the joy seen in the children playing with their new toys, serve as tangible evidence of the positive impact of the Christmas Joy project. The acknowledgment that serving the Lord is a great joy reinforces the deeper spiritual fulfillment that comes from acts of generosity and compassion.

In conclusion, the Christmas Joy project not only provided tangible support to those in need but also created a memorable and joyful experience for both the givers and receivers.  “To God be all the glory”