By Hella Nimes

group pictorialIt’s summer time!

It’s time to enjoy basking in the sun. It’s time to unwind from stressful school works; in short; it’s time to relax.

The youth of Evangel Family Church (EFC)-Ajuy thought the best way to maximize precious summer time is to devote themselves to God’s endeavors by conducting a two-day Summer Vacation Bible School (SVBS) in EFC-Nasidman, their two-year-old outstation churches.

Nasidman Island is just one of the many islands that comprise the municipality of Ajuy. This is a home for hundreds of families who find fishing as their chief means for a living.

Spearheaded by Pastor Benjamin and Pastor Lina Chavez, the group of young people went to the island last April 25 to share God’s word to the children.

The youth did not waste any moment. Right after touching the island, they hurriedly proceeded to Nasidman Primary School to meet the children gathered by the youth leaders of the outstation church.

The school was divided into three classes:  the Youth, the Juniors, and the Nursery. The Youth were taught about the lesson from “Romans Road,” the Juniors, about “Fellowship with God,” and the Nursery, the “Timeless Bible Stories.”

Personal stories and testimonies of the EFC-Ajuy Youth motivated their younger students to be more committed in God’s service. Memory verses helped the Juniors to become attentive and participative. Role playing in the Nursery enabled the little ones to play; at the same time, learn the lesson.

While the SVBS was going on at the school, Pastor Benjie and Pastor Lina conducted an Evangelistic Service at the house church. Group of fathers and mothers participated and attentively listened to the Word of God.

And so was the first day.

The team slept there for a night. Everyone was happy even though they only had “tabagak” (dried fish) as their main dish for dinner.

Morning of April 26 came and the team started the day with devotion asking for God’s provision and protection for the second day of SVBS.      The team gathered the students and proceeded to their classes. They finished before noon and had their snacks.

Before lunch, some youth teachers got a chance to go swimming while others preferred to rest.

Finally, in the graduation ceremony, all the students who participated were given a certificate of attendance. Pastor Benjie expressed his gratitude to the parents as well as to the children. He encouraged them to become committed in God’s service – to grow and to mature in the Word of God.

The teachers as well as the students presented their special numbers: the Nursery teachers presented their interpretative dance, the Junior students, their memory verse, and the Youth teachers, their song number. Simple snacks were served after the program.

Leaving the island was a bit hard for the team yet they believed that the memories they made will always be there – engraved in their hearts and in their students’ as well.

Sailing back home was a bit worrisome because of the gushing wind but the team arrived safely.

Others may enjoy basking in the sun and unwinding through summer fun getaways, but the youth of EFC-Ajuy gained much more- the priceless experiences of winning souls for the Lord.

Praise, honor, and glory belong to God Almighty!