By Lalaine Madanlo

with the city health of davao kibalang chapterAlmost 400 tribal residents of Marilog District, Davao City are once again this year’s beneficiaries of JECPP 13th Medical Mission held April 28, 2016 at West Marahan Elementary School, Marilog District.

Volunteers from Evangel Family Church-Davao led by Senior Pastor, Rev. Peter Wee, and medical professionals of Mission Hospital, headed by Dr. Darwin Trinidad, and City Health Office of Marilog District headed by Dr. Jojit Marbas, teamed up once more to offer free various health services to tribal groups.

Among the services were Medical consultations, hemoglobin, urinalysis and circumcision. Free medicines for common illnesses such as cough, cold, headache, stomachache, skin allergies and body pain were also distributed. Adults and children who came also enjoyed the lugaw (rice porridge) served on that day.

Dr. Rizaldo Gonzales and Dr. Orfa Abelende, who have been helping JECPP in conducting the medical missions for years, offered their professional consultation and advises to the patients. On the other hand, Dr. Darwin Trinidad of Medical Mission Group Hospital, together with five nurses, circumcised 31 children.

City Health Team-Kibalang ChapterAs for the other medical services, Dr. Jojit Marbas of the City Health Office of Marilog together with the nurses, nutritionist, sanitary inspector and medical technologist conducted on site hemoglobin and urinalysis. Patients will be called for follow-up for guidance and assistance once results are ready.

Various tribespeople from Brgy. Marilog composed of Tagabawa, Obo-Manobo, Diangan, Matigsalog, Bagobo, Ilonggo and Mandaya expressed their gratitude to the organizers. Due to their remote location, these people have little or no access to basic healthcare services.

Rowena Panontial, who brought her six-year-old son and seven-year-old old daughter, has been coming for two years for check-up.

“Nakatabang gyud ni sa amoang kahimtang kay wala mi igong kwarta para magpatan-aw sa doktor (this is really a great help since we don’t have enough money to see the doctor for proper medical treatment)”, Rowena said.