The Road to Prosperity for Professionals

by Micah Simpas

3Most professionals believe that hard work is a sure track of the money trail. But true divine prosperity is more than just seeing labor and cash flow.

The 2nd Professionals’ seminar called “The Rocky Road to Prosperity” was held last April 24, 2015 at Evangel Family Church-Tagum with speakers Engineer Dave and Godeth Domingo from Evangel Family Church-Davao. The seminar showed a Biblical understanding of wealth that transcends material abundance. Such prosperity also draws us closer to God instead of making us too busy making money. In fact, Bro. Dave warned us of an overwhelming desire for financial gain that would leave us spiritually bleeding. Therefore, prosperity is a spiritual battle that has a winning or a losing end.

In order to win, Bro. Dave taught us the principles of supply, support, sow, surplus, storehouse and sacrifice. These values are forged in love and generosity, and they can be shown in three ways. First, we are encouraged to help or give in any way we can to God’s kingdom because the Lord rewards faithfully. Second, we must love and support generously our pastors and others who labor for God, and third and most importantly, we must give back what belongs to God in tithes and offering.

Prof. gatheringAs an entrepreneur himself, Bro. Dave shared his personal testimony of how these principles steered his steps in the rocky road of business venture. Aside from teaching us how to prosper, he also cautioned us with attitudes that indicate love of money. Bro. Dave capped his talk with a warning to “remember Him always all the days of our lives especially when we are prosperous.”

Many of the participants said that this seminar is unique and relevant to the needs of the people. Rev. Greg Simpas of EFC-Tagum testified that he was teary-eyed when listening, and he would have wanted to move the seminar on a Sunday service so more people could hear and be blessed. We thank God for using Engr. Dave and Sis. Godeth as living examples of God’s overflowing blessings, and we thank them both for sharing to us how to win and prosper.