Marahan Church Dedication

Rev. Jordan Kintanar

Going back in the year 1999 when I first set foot on the cold and lonely Marahan, it was all trees, boulders, and grasses plus a deafening silent night that can outmatch any horrifying flicks just like in the movies—with disbelief; I and the two budding professionals are to reach out the inhabitants of isolated and poverty-stricken area.

41 churches and 21 years later, the scenery had changed a lot.  It had been quite some time since I last set foot in this area. Economic activity had picked up, motorbike had long replaced the horses on the street, more houses could now be seen beside the highway, which was before tall grasses and trees, this was observation of Rev. Robert Lim as we drove to Marahan, last January 11, 2020, with an agenda of a church dedication service.

Exactly a year after the 2nd church building was gutted by fire, it is amazing how God poured in the funds for the construction of this church. Through the initiative of Dr. Robert Lim, others like Evangel Singapore, JECPP Southern Mindanao and Evangel Davao City all contributed to make this project possible.  With all the changes that had happened in the past 21 years, and with all the coming challenges that the tribal ministry will be facing, Pastor Lim delivered a timely message titled; “If you Believe”, taken from Mark 9:23 and John 11:40. The Word says, ‘If you believe you shall see the Glory of God, You shall see the manifestation of God’s Power.  You will experience that Jesus Christ is with you.’ He reminded us and the congregation that our belief will bring us to experience God’s Power to manifest: If we believe ‘We see God’s Power in our Family’; If we believe ‘We see God’s Power on our land’; and If we believe ‘We see God’s Power in our Church’.

It is indeed God who moved and worked wonderfully and most unexpectedly.  In His own time, in the place of a wooden church now stood a spiritual edifice finished with concrete-a lot bigger and more beautiful. Now Pastor Mivelyn’s husband, Pastor Patrico Margate, has raised at least 40 leaders and pastors and still are reaching out to their brethren—it’s simply breathtaking how God can work, IF ONLY WE BELIEVE.