By Rev. Rosario Simpas

Love is in the air as God had set a beautiful wedding atmosphere for Pastor Evelyn Calamba and Pastor Rolan Besinga on November 17, 2021 at Uma sa Taba in Carmen, officiated by Rev. Greg Simpas.

You can sense the enthusiasm, joy, and grins on people’s faces as soon as you walk in. The fresh air, combined with the surrounding beauty of ornaments and green plants, contributed to the atmosphere.

Pastor Evelyn described how they met at a birthday party of a friend who was also a pastor and how their love story began. Their paths had somehow intersected, and Pastor Rolan had been reaching out to her ever since. Pastor Evelyn, on the other hand, has repeatedly told him that she can only offer friendship and nothing more, as she cannot give him false hope and is not ready to commit until God gives her the proper time. Despite the statements that Pastor Rolan kept hearing from her, it never occurred to him that he should give up.

Pastor Evelyn has had troubles in the past, and Pastor Rolan has always been there to aid, support, and protect her. Pastor Evelyn eventually developed feelings of comfort, security, and love for him. “I begged God to show me if he is the right man for me, and God has shown me His affirmation.” We can definitely say that it is worth the wait, especially when you know God has been preparing something for you.

Even though they came from different denominations, you can definitely feel the united spirit during the wedding since love abounds and there is a good relationship between both parties. Both of them have their respective leaders’ full support. Pastor Rolan and Pastor Evelyn are grateful that their leaders took the time to witness their Christian nuptials.

The wedding was successful and peaceful despite the social situation (pandemic) and finished triumphantly. Everyone seemed to have a good time, as seen by the married couple’s expressions. Finally, the long wait was over, and they were overjoyed to be united on that particular day. As a result, the cliché “it’s worth the wait” has been proven true.

All of this would not be possible without the prayers and support of everyone who cares about Pastor Rolan and Pastor Evelyn Besinga.

Thank you so much to everyone in our JECPP Southern Mindanao family’s prayers and financial support.

Pastor Peter and Pastor Christine Wee, who may not be present at the time, but are always there to encourage.

Thank you so much, EFC Davao and all the pastors in Southern Mindanao!

Shalom! To God be the Glory!