By: Jireh Bautista

There’s no better way to enjoy a holiday than spending it with your family with lots of food and fun. And no better way than to make it all happen at the beach!

The family of First Touch Ministry, Cebu City celebrated its 2nd Family Day in Big Sand, Moalboal on the last day of October. Although the 162 joiners didn’t get their ideal Insta photo of a sun-kissed skin because of a light but tenacious rain, one can’t deny the fun and warm fellowship that were shared.

The event officially kicked off with worship songs and an opening prayer to our loving Father God who gifted us this day. Each Powerhouse plus group was assigned to offer delightful treats to everybody, served from artfully decorated booths. Available were irresistible tempura, fish ball, barbecue, lumpia, popcorn, fruits like watermelon, green mango and papaya, hotdogs, and drinks. There was also a booth for children games with awesome toys as prizes.

Not only the kids enjoyed games, but also the adults during a fun game time in the afternoon led by Sir Al where everybody was just in laughter. What a merry moment that was. Another thrilling time was the raffle draw where delicious and wonderful prizes were given away. And of course, who forgets swimming?

It has been two years since First Touch Ministry celebrated its first Family Day. From the two years’ time, a lot has happened. Some old faces were missed but more new ones were welcomed to the family.

All may agree that there is no perfect family. The seas will not always be calm. There will be waves of problems and strong winds of conflicts to test the capacity and the strength of the sea captain and the crew. As H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s famous quote goes, if you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails. We didn’t choose who our family would be, but we can choose to look at each of the members’ hearts, spread peace and love, and bring the best out of one another. Remember that God allows each family to experience storms and bad weathers to make them better sailors.

After an entire day of enjoying the beach, some have this theoretical question in mind: Can’t we do this more often?