By:  Jeanelle Grace Lorilla

November 5, 2017 is a day to remember for everyone who celebrated the foundation anniversary of Evangel Family Church-Kidapawan held at Landmark, Kidapawan City. The church is now 12 years old.

The anniversary service started with a resounding praise and worship to the Lord Jesus Christ, the builder and sanctifier of His church and bride. Indeed, God has been very faithful not only to His church as a whole, but also to every person who is part of His church family. This truth was confirmed in the testimony shared by sister Jeanelle Grace Lorilla right after the praise and worship songs. Brother Jhonnie Kelvin Manongdo also rendered a song Glorious Day by Casting Crowns which blessed the congregation.

This year’s celebration was graced with the presence of Rev.  Peter Wee as the guest speaker who shared about the connection of God’s people Israel and the Church of Jesus Christ.  He encouraged the listeners on four blessings shared by both Israel and the Church. First, Israel is supernaturally protected by no less than the Almighty Himself. Second, Israel is prosperous. Despite being a small and young nation, its resources are more than sufficient. Next, Israel is passionate. They are passionate to their prayers because of their confidence in God who chose them as His people. Lastly, Israel is prepared. They are prepared no matter what enemy they may encounter. Such favor on Israel also rests on His church redeemed by the blood of His beloved Son. For 12 years now, EFC-Kidapawan is humbled to be a recipient of God’s lavish faithfulness to His beloved children.

Everyone even felt extra blessed knowing that November 5 is also Pastor Christine’s birthday, and she chose to celebrate her day with the congregation of EFC Kidapawan.

Everyone was in awe soaking in God’s presence during the altar call. Pastor Tony, Pastor Peter and Pastor Christine laid their hands to the people who desperately cried out to God.  The day continued with a lunch fellowship and overflowing joy of everyone.