The Lighthouse on The Hillside

by Pastor Rosemin and Bro. Anton Pontillas

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

God grants the desires of our hearts if we continue to abide in Him and His promises.  He is never too late, never too early, but He’s always on time.

After seven years of staying in the member’s land, we, Pastor Willy, and Pastor Rosemin, longed for the church to have its land. This vision drove us to pray for God’s miraculous way to happen. Though EFC-Koronadal has its church lot and building, we never stayed in our comfort zone. We never settled for less but pursued God’s best like David in Psalms 132:4-5, “I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids until I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.”

Not long after, God answered that burning desire in September 2019. As we walk on the streets during JECPP Synchronized Prayer Walk, we prayed and knocked on heaven’s door for God to intervene. God showed His miracle because, after five days, we were able to purchase a 400-square-meters land at a very low price with the help of JECPP and EFC-Davao. Without any delay, EFC-Koronadal and EFC-Cacub members joined together as they joyfully cleared the land.

During the construction of the church, many negative reports arose on why we bought a land on a steep hill and how we would be able to build a church on a hill, but God showed forth His glory and faithfulness. The lonely unnoticed land is now a beautiful sanctuary that brings light to the people around it. A lighthouse on the hillside. A light that shines that takes away the darkness.

On the first day of May 2021 this lighthouse, EFC-Cacub, was dedicated to the Lord. The celebration started with a wonderful worship led by Jerwin Morong, the assistant pastor of EFC-Cacub. It was followed by an offering song number rendered by Anton Lee Pontillas and Nica Dela Cruz. Next was an inspiring word of God taken from Acts 16:22-27 entitled “Forever Grateful” delivered to us by Rev. Alberto Poliño. He encouraged us to pray, praise, and press on even in the darkest moment of our lives. Without prayer, nothing will happen. And the most awaited moment happened as Pastor Albert dedicated the church lot and building of the Lord, declaring blessing, anointing, provision, and harvest of souls through this church.

Afterwards, the celebration ended with a blessed lunch at EFC-Koronadal. Indeed, God is really good and faithful. Even in an unprosperous time, we could experience His greatness and abundance.

We are forever grateful to God whom we serve, and to our JECPP Organization, to our spiritual leaders, Pastor Peter, and Pastor Christine Wee who are always there to support us in every way. To our core leaders, Pastor Albert, and Pastor Jane Poliño. To all EFC-Koronadal and EFC-Cacub members who never got tired of helping financially and working with love until the church was established. To God be all the glory and praises!