Church Planting Movement Training

By: Jeanelle Grace B. Lorilla

Corona Virus 2019 or Covid19 has set a worldwide challenge against humanity. However, there is a greater struggle man needs to realize, it is to continuously spread the gospel in every season to which Evangel Family Church Kidapawan responded.

Last May 1, 2021, a Church Planting Movement (CPM) seminar and training was conducted at EFC, Saguing, Makilala Cotabato. It was participated in by 16 volunteer planters of EFC Kidapawan.

The event started with an introduction of Jireh Evangel Church Planting of the Philippines (JECPP) by Rev. Tony J. Angelias. In that session, Pastor Tony enlightened the participants about the organization’s commitment to the Good News (Evangel) with God’s provision (Jireh) through the planting of local churches in the nation of the Philippines. He also shared JECPP’s motto, to Proclaim His Praise in the islands (Isaiah 42:12). It is also clearly stated that it is a non-stock religious organization duly registered in the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission. JECPP is an outgrowth of the missions’ program of Evangel Family Church Singapore in the Philippines. He also talked about the people and how the church started with Rev. Dr. Robert Lim and his wife, Rev. Dr. Marion Lim as its founders. Eventually, armed with God’s vision to plant churches in the Philippines, a group of missionaries flew to the country to build churches. This marked the fulfilment of the initial phase of the vision to see the multiplication of churches in the land of many islands, and it now includes EFC-Kidapawan under Southern Mindanao Region. It was a fresh story to inspire each listener to constantly catch the vision and mission of JECPP.

Rev. Liza Angelias graced the next topic where she shared about church pioneering. She pointed out three important things each volunteer should have: Love for souls, Passion, and Strategy. She expounded on the points while imparting her experiences in church planting which produces a lot of disciples even until the present. She encouraged the audience that when we have a love for souls, we will reach out to where they are just like the shepherd in the parable from Luke 15:3-7. She reminisced the day where God put the burden in her heart to take care of the souls entrusted to her. She also stated that having passion will let you push yourself to where God leads you to follow, even going to places you do not know fearlessly. She gave an account of her amazing encounters in ministering to different kinds of people, including the difficult ones but enjoyed it all as God showed her His miracles and wonders in transforming lives for His glory. Lastly, a good amount of strategy will fuel the first two points to produce good results. She remembered when she first shared with just a few people. Then sharing Jesus’ stories with the children as their parents listened as well. Later on, she was able to reach out to the adults of the place. It was a memorable experience to keep.

The session ended with Rev. Tony as he spoke about the Essential Qualities. He motivated everyone with Bible verses from Proverbs 11:30, Matthew 28:19, and 1 Corinthians 19 which he expanded on as he continued to pour out his heart to everybody. He said that Christians should have a laser focus on soul-winning and in order to be an effective soul winner, one should have a servant’s heart. Serving Christ is about humbly serving others in Christ’s name. He also emphasized that an effective soul winner has an athlete’s discipline which means that we must take care of what they do or preach. People who (do) have not receive Jesus Christ yet will look at the believer’s life. He also said that an effective soul winner should have a selfless attitude. This must be represented with compassion to people. We can look up to our leaders to follow their ways as they follow Christ. As his last statement he illuminated that Jesus came to the world to serve and not to be served. We will take hold of the business of living out the Gospel in our lifetime.

Before the day ended, each volunteer also shared their struggles as to why they think their cell churches did not grow and most had a similar answer of not spending extra time in the CPM ministry. This was addressed by the speakers that they need to pray to God to become a good steward of their time. It is not just about the number of hours you spend in the area but how meaningful you have consumed it. When a person’s heart is touched by the Lord, God will move in amazing ways and that individual will become a bridge to bring more people in to receive Jesus. Another is by building a relationship by using modern technology. Communicating to the CPM members by constantly checking on them and praying for them. We can use post-paid calls, text messages, or even social media – Facebook messenger.

Each participant is thankful to JECPP that this activity pushed through even with strict government health protocols which the church willingly followed. Everybody went home with ignited hearts to keep serving God through their CPM.