EFC Jaro

EFC-Jaro, JECPP’s city church in Iloilo City, was started in 1994 by Pastor Brina Ng, a missionary from Evangel Singapore. A church building funded by Evangel Singapore was constructed on a 300 square-meter lot. The very first Sunday service was attended by six children, but as months unfolded, God gave the increase.

By 1995, the leadership was passed on to Pastor Greta Gapasin, a new graduate of the then Evangel Missions School (EMS) in Iloilo City.  Through her, the members were built up to be faithful men and women.

Two years later, in 1997, Pastor Greta was transferred to another town, and the leadership was passed on to Pastors Jessie and Rachel Yu. With more than 60 people on a Sunday service, the church continued to reach its community by planting a daughter church.

However, by end of 2004, Pastor Jessie left EFC-Jaro as he was called to help in the mother church. The last three years proved to be tough time for EFC-Jaro.  In 2011, the church was left with no pastor, but God raised up a young leader named Melanie Claire Igles, a home-grown member from this church. Pastor Melanie faced the most challenging year in 2012 where the entire JECPP Western Visayas region underwent much strife. Many leaders were shaken and tested, and EFC-Jaro was very grateful for the JECPP spiritual leaders who stood with them during that stormy season of the church. During this time, Pastor Trojan Vasquez was a great help as she accompanied Pastor Melanie.

This year 2013, Pastor Melanie is being assisted by other Western Visayas pastors, in the persons of Pastor Rachel Jalandoon and Pastor Gerome Belarga. The volunteer workers and leaders of this church also stand up with their pastors as the church moves forward. Members are restored, and new cell groups and cell churches flourish. EFC-Jaro remains steadfast knowing that the journey will continue and changes will come along the way, but our God is unshakeable. To Him be the glory, honour and praises forever.