by: La Donna Yap

Some 251 laborers in the Lord’s harvest field convened together for a 3-day National Planters Conference on July 17-20, 2018.  This recently concluded event was a gathering of JECPP Church Planters, CPM Graduates and selected Youth Leaders of Evangel Family Churches all over the country.  They came from different tribes, tongues and cultures yet they have one mind, one heart and one vision and that is to harvest souls for God’s Kingdom.

As they arrived at Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao City, their faces beamed with joy and excitement for the privilege of working in the Lord’s harvest field.  There was no trace of weariness and despair in their looks.  The glory of God – peace and contentment were on their countenance.

The first day of the conference began with high spirits as the delegates met and greeted each other.  Testimonies of the faithfulness and goodness of God were on the lips of every laborer and harvester in God’s vineyard.  It was a heart filled with love for the Lord that bound them in the spirit of unity and expectancy for what the Lord has prepared for them.

After the sumptuous dinner, the pastors spent their time in prayer, preparing their hearts for the Word of the Lord of God.  Rev. Dale Lim, Lead Pastor of EFC-Singapore delivered the message of God taken from Zechariah 4, God assured His people that He gives increase in the ministry even if resources are empty. Zech. 4:6 says, “It is not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit says the Lord.”  According to him, “If the Spirit moves, provisions come.”

The Spirit of the Lord continued to move mightily among His servants.  On the following day, Rev. Benjamin Chavez, JECPP’s Chairman and Regional Director for Western Visayas expounded on Acts 13:36 with the title “Fulfilling God’s Purpose”. He encouraged God’s servants to persevere in the vision. He pointed that the anointing of the Holy Spirit makes the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

In the afternoon’s workshop, Entrepreneurs Engr. Dave and Sis. Godeth Domingo of EFC-Davao shared Malachi 3:10. They urged pastors and leaders the importance of tithing and giving of offerings to the storehouse of God.  After the sharing the delegates answered the questions on “How to develop a tithing culture in the church?”

In the evening, Rev. Dale Lim, for the second time took the pulpit and shared an uplifting message entitled “Make Heaven Your Home”.  It was an eventful night for fourteen JECPP faithful workers as well. Six candidates received Ordination papers namely: Pastor Rachel Engreso (Luzon), Pastor Nowario Macadag-um (Western Visayas), Pastor Regie Zausa (Western Visayas), Pastor Brian Calalin (Northern Mindanao), Pastor Renante Miguel (Southern Mindanao) and Pastor Evelyn Calamba (Southern Mindanao).

Another set of eight JECPP workers were Candidates for License Ministers namely: Guilbert Cotejo (Central Eastern Visayas), Genevieve Rosal (Central Eastern Visayas), Jayson Ogario (Central Eastern Visayas), Jenyrie Arrogante (Central Eastern Visayas), Mary Joy Tubongbanua (Western Visayas), Cecille Gacasan (Southern Mindanao) and Ma. Dherly Consular (Southern Mindanao).

On the second morning session Rev. Dale Lim gave the revelation that God is always moving forward, he emphasized that we must change our old goggles of blindness and put on new goggles to be able to see a new perspective in laboring for the Lord.

The second workshop was handled by Rev. Tony Angelias, JECPP’s Deputy Regional Director for Southern Mindanao. He shared how EFC- Kidapawan, Cotabato grow in church attendance and Mission’s giving.  He stressed that prayer and setting simple goals helped them increase in the ministry.

The third day and final service of the conference was ministered by Rev. Dr. Robert Lim, JECPP’s founding chairman.  It was a very powerful message of Hope taken from 2 Kings 7:3-10.  The story about four hopeless lepers who decided to march forward and God marched with them.  He said that when God is with us all things are possible. God had miraculously provided the needs of the lepers. It seemed that it was the end of the rope but God showed up to prove to His people that He is indeed almighty.  He further encouraged the Lord’s servants to go on and never give up because God is with them.  God will never leave His servants nor forsake them.

During the last service, Dr. Robert Lim made a very important announcement to the delegates of the conference.  He informed us that Rev. Peter Wee, JECPP’s Co-Senior President and Regional Director for Southern Mindanao will take over his position in JECPP as adviser – the one who has the final word regarding the affairs of JECPP. He said that the Holy Spirit confirmed it is the right time to announce during this conference.  He added that he needed to obey God while he still can as he would not want to leave JECPP in jeopardy and hanging if anything happens to him.

The gathering was not only a time of refreshing from the Spirit of God but also a time of receiving renewed strength and vision in the Lord. As Apostle Paul said, “…  that I might finish my course with joy…”. Indeed, there is immeasurable joy in serving Jesus.