By: La Donna S. Yap

Evangel Family Church of Davao has marvelously witnessed the wonderful grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the magnificent work of the Holy Spirit since its humble beginnings in 1993 up to the present when the church celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary last August 27, 2018.

It all started in the heart of God. He was looking for a man whose heart beats like His heart. Then, He saw the man from Singapore who was willing to leave his country and fulfill the purpose of God for his life. In August of 1993, Pastor Peter Wee, together with his wife Christine and his three-year old daughter Ena landed in Davao City, Philippines. All he had was his faith in God – faith that moves mountains.

He started the first service in a commercial building in Matina, Davao City. Pastor Wee ministered to eight adults and young people and three children. Everyday, God tremendously strengthened the couple in doing the work of an evangelist and a pastor at the same time. The first church was dedicated to God with Rev. Dr. Robert Lim. The church grew as Pastor Wee and his wife prayed for the Holy Spirit’s anointing and guidance. During the Christmas celebration in 1994, church membership recorded forty- nine souls including thirteen children.

Aside from street and house to house evangelism, the Singaporean team supported EFC-Davao through crusades. The message of hope was preached and many received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Water baptism followed and souls were added to the church. Children’s church started in 1993 because children were not left out but were given equal importance with the young people and adults.

EFC-Davao reached out not only to individuals but also to families as well. Pastor Wee officiated weddings which honors God who instituted the family. The first family night was launched in 1997 and it continues to strengthen and bless families until now. Family Days and Family Camps are avenues where God manifests His glory. Families are saved and are used by God for the expansion of His Kingdom. The church continues to grow, so that they had to move to a bigger place to accommodate more worshippers.

In the succeeding year, the youth of the church were empowered through Hearts On Fire (HOF) Ministry. The lives of the young people are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through the teachings of the church, these young people know their identity in Christ. They stand strong in faith and make an impact in their generation. They attend youth camps where they are equipped with knowledge and skills in leadership to prepare them for ministry.

Ministries for the children, youth and adults are sustained through prayer and fasting. God raised up faithful leaders to assist Pastor Wee and his wife in taking care of new converts through Bible studies and home visitations. Mothers and fathers in the church are honored. Parents, couples and even teachers are also celebrated. Each and everyone in the church is important. Church outing like picnics and camps strengthen the bond and deepen the relationships with one another.

In 2003, EFC-Davao initiated medical missions to the tribal people. Year after year, tribes received medical and dental attention to spread the love of God through His church. The church holds prayer walks for the nation. It goes out to the community in giving school supplies to the children. It also offers free tutorial services to reach out to students. In 2007, as the Holy Spirit worked mightily amongst His people, the church, once again moved to a more spacious place to cater to growing number of people. Rev. Robert Lim for the fourth time dedicated the church which transferred to Evelyn Fabie College, Dona Vicenta Village, Davao City.

Year after year, EFC-Davao has seen and experienced the faithfulness of God. Everyday was an opportunity to serve God either in the streets or in the households. The word of God was preached to communities. The love of God was shared to all sectors of the society. The joy from the Holy Spirit always filled their hearts and strengthened them to persevere even in the difficult and tough times in the ministry. Yes, there is no stopping now for EFC-Davao.

On its twenty-fifth anniversary, the church was filled with praise in the wonderful and matchless Name of Jesus. He has done great and mighty things in the midst of his people. The love of God in the hearts of Pastor Peter Wee and his family spread throughout the City and its neighboring provinces. They touched the lives of the children, the youth, the adults, and the elderly. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus is being heard far and near. EFC churches sprouted like mushrooms. The humility and obedience of a couple from Singapore blessed the nation, Philippines. The glorious light of God dispersed darkness in the hearts of men. Signs and wonders were wrought in the church. Miracles happen. In the Name of Jesus, there is victory.