By Bro. Jireh Bautista

JCKidz of First Touch Ministry conducted a Back to School Gift Giving Project, to give the kids in various outstation churches and community outreaches a great start for the new school year.  According to them, children can never reach their full potential in school if they lack the necessary tools to learn.  Every year they host a back to school program for all the kids they are reaching to, providing them with supplies they need to go back to school.  Both parents and children look forward to the event each year.

On May 26, 2019, some sixty committed volunteer workers were organized for the  outstation churches in Car-car, Balamban, Balilihan, Tagbilaran, Negros, Calbayog, Albuera, Bantigue, Jicalao, Dunghol and Baybay. Another group for the community outreaches in Kiwanis, Sampaguita, McArthur, Lorega, Tejero, and T. Padilla and a group for the connect centers  in Pilit, Bantayan, Consolacion, Liloan, Jubay, and Sun Valley to deliver the bags loaded with school supplies.

During the event, fun program was prepared for the kids to enjoy. They had parlor games, singing and dancing. There was a Lesson Time as well, the kids were taught on the importance of speech, that the tongue is so powerful and that only words of truth, goodness, and joy should come out from their mouths. Likewise, they were encouraged to study hard and do well in school as they will become the future leaders in the society. In addition, faithful attendees to the weekly JCKidz Outreach and connect centers received their distinct rewards.

The TeenAgents (the kiddies-no-more), had their own program. Youngsters on their teenage years were invited to the ministry hall for their Back to School affair. The TeenAgents ministry did not want to miss the indescribable feeling of receiving new school items for the nearing class opening, at least 45 teens got a reward.

By God’s grace, the number of kids and the outreach centers are growing year after year. A total of 674 beneficiaries benefited from this school year’s gift giving project. Their priceless reaction after receiving their school supplies was overwhelming.  FTM was elated to be part of the incredible work of God by reaching one soul, one child at a time.

Looking back from where they had started, one could not help but be grateful to God’s unfailing provision. As they gave genuinely with cheerful hearts, they could never imagine how each time God proves His gracious generosity. As they sowed seeds in the lives of the children, they were investing for their future and to the next generations to come. They believed that no matter how simple and small a gesture of kindness is, the ripples of change and impact are unimaginable.

The event was once again a success.  Highest glory to the Greatest Provider!