Inter-church prayer rally strengthens Western Visayas

Routine church prayer meetings kick up as one church unites with the rest of the body of Christ. Last June 12, 2014, churches from the Western Visayas section decided to clasp uplifted hands in fervent prayer for each other.

Western Visayas Region Overseer, Rev. Benjamin Chavez, said that this Prayer Rally is different from the usual church prayer meetings because all churches in the Iloilo section went out of their way to bond with fellow planters. 50 pastors and leaders of 10 EFC-Churches from Ajuy, Tubogan, Dumangas, Pototan, Roxas, San Miguel, Sta. Barbara, Jaro, Tigbauan and Guimaras met in this united prayer and fasting for abundant harvest.

The whole-day event was held at the JECPP Western Visayas Office at E. Lopez St., Jaro, Iloilo City. Those who attended testified that their spirits were quickened by the Holy Spirit and the intense prayers of their brothers and sisters.

According to Rev. Chavez, the highlight of the event was that the churches “drew lots” as they took turns praying for each other.  Every church was given an opportunity to pray for the particular church picked out from the bunch of prayer requests.  “We joined our hands together and prayed desperately for God’s power, favor and direction for churches all over the Philippines”, he said.

Exponential geographical and financial growth, healing and revival were the goals of this first Prayer Rally intended to become a regular practice in the Western Visayas region.



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