The last day of the Training Workshop was focused on Father-Child Bonding. The Trainer briefly illuminated on the importance of fathers spending time with their kids and then proceeded to show the trainees how to conduct the said activity. To be able to do this, EFC CDO organized a number of their church members with little children to be present on this day.

The Father-Child Bonding Workshop is divided into 3 activities punctuated by two father-child one-on-one conversations with given topics. Bro. Edwin Choy showed the trainees how to properly facilitate these activities and taught them how to effectively communicate with the participants in processing and drawing out lessons from what they have experienced. The activity ended with a stronger bond from the father-children duos.

The trainees and future ICAN Fathering Workshop Facilitators are further enriched and empowered with the additional knowledge and experience and are thankful to God and to JECPP for the opportunity given them, they are especially thankful to EFC-CDO for their hospitality in hosting the 5-day event. All of them returned to their respective regions and churches ready to promote Godly Fathering and follow the mission given to them to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.