BY Mikaela Eunice Padinit

In the heart of summertime, as the sun shines brightly, children gather at a place where faith, fun, and fearlessness intertwine—the Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). Here, young hearts embark on a remarkable journey, unveiling the fearless heroes that reside within them. Guided by the strength of their faith and the unwavering support of God, these kids experienced an unforgettable adventure that will shape their lives forever.

On July 20, 2023, the TKK department of Evangel Family Church, Cagayan de Oro City, held a two-day event for children ages 3 to 15. From varied outstations, children were invited to participate in this heroic, fun-filled adventure of discovering and learning.

In the warm embrace of DVBS, children embarked on an unforgettable journey where stories of courage and compassion came to life. Guided by compassionate mentors and supported by an unwavering belief in God’s love, the children immersed themselves in activities that nurtured their faith and courage. From interactive storytelling to creative crafts that inspired heroism, every moment was a step closer to unlocking their fearless potential.

Part of its central theme, DVBS, wasn’t about dismissing fear but embracing it with unwavering faith. Through insightful lessons, the children learned that fear can be a catalyst for growth and that courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to face it with faith as their armor. Empowered by the knowledge that God walked beside them every step of the way, they were ready to face any challenge that life might present.

In crafting sessions, the children were allowed to create hero masks, capes, and shields. Their imaginations soared as they personalized their gear, infusing it with the essence of their unique heroic identities. And as they adorned their capes with symbols of faith and courage, the young heroes were ready to embark on their journey confidently.

Amidst laughter and joy, the children engaged in an array of fun games that celebrated friendship and camaraderie. From team-building activities that strengthened their bonds to lighthearted games that brought out their playful sides, DVBS proved that fearlessness was not just a mindset but a way of embracing life’s adventures with enthusiasm.

As the event reached its heartwarming conclusion, the children gathered for a culminating program celebrating their fearless achievements. Those who had demonstrated exceptional dedication in their classes were honored with ribbons, a tangible reminder of their growth and bravery. The smiles on their faces mirrored the joy that DVBS had brought to their lives, filling the hearts of everyone present with pride and gratitude.

In a gesture of appreciation, the children were presented with adorable water bottles, a token of remembrance for their DVBS journey. As the summer days were about to end and the anticipation of the upcoming school year loomed, these tokens served as a reminder of the unbreakable bonds formed during the event and the fearless spirit that would carry them through the new adventures ahead.

Although the event itself has concluded, its influence lingers in the lives of those young heroes. Armed with fearless hearts rooted in their faith, they return to their homes and communities as beacons of love and kindness. The impact of DVBS extends beyond the confines of the event, spreading its wings through the actions of these young heroes, who now see every day as an opportunity to make a difference.