By: Pastor Liza Angelias

Ministry is a superb opportunity given by God. Last year, at the year-end planning, I and Pastor Tony thought about the radio ministry we had way back in 2011. Our hearts desire to reach out to the lost souls that compelled us to pursue the vision, although, in our minds, there were mixed signals doubting that this indeed is from God or is it from our own ideas. We waited on God with prayers.

As one is consumed with the passion of the vision, it excites one’s spirit. We made the vision inclusive of the church leaders and the members. We know that where God may guide us, He would provide—He indeed, the way-maker and the provider of all, is who we need—for the vision, dreams, and even the simple thing that you ever desire for His Kingdom’s cause.

Once, the Holy Spirit impressed us about a sister, in our church; who works as a Marketing Manager of a famous Radio/Cable T.V Station in the city. She attended faithfully for more than a year. We had this impression and conviction about the Broadcasting Ministry but never thought she could be of great help. Then the Lord led us to approach her to consult about the costs. We were disheartened by her reply. The price seemed unfeasible to avail because it is a commercial station. We would pay ten to twelve-thousand monthly, according to her.

Yet, we never lost hope and still believed, that if it is God’s will, and then He would make a way for it. We kept on.

Until one day, she called us with excitement. She managed to communicate with the station manager about the plan. Gladly, she reported that we were favored to pay a surprisingly modest amount of only Php 2,500 monthly. Indeed, God amazed us—we give Him praise.

Then, the program officially started on January 19, 2020, and we named it ‘GOOD NEWS with TONY and LIZA’. The program live-streams on Sundays at 7:00 -8:30 am. The good thing about this station, Ronda Teleradyo, is reachable via radio, and local cable T.V. throughout North Cotabato province—and also a Facebook live account.

March was challenging as Covid-19 devastated us. It was unpredictable that this would go on until this very hour. As church services are prohibited due to this virus, this pandemic brought us fright and discouragement.

But God remained faithful to His promise of not abandoning His people. God used our spiritual leaders to keep our heads above waters as they go through the same struggles. They still managed to encourage and support us with all means.

Then was the comprehension that the Lord prepared this ministry as a sufficient ground to reach out to the members and the cell churches throughout North Cotabato. There were plenty of feedbacks on how the broadcast helped enormously for their spiritual feeding. As the program was rooted in evangelism, we have heard reports of non-believers and neighbors blessed by it. The Gospel reached out and salvation acquaints the lives of lost.

We give God the glory for the outcome.

We equipped to reach out to children, this time. Sunday-school teachers make videos while they are edited by another through adopting technological advances. We used the Tagalog dialect to be understood even by Muslims and all local tribes.

As the enemy neighs us of inadequacy, incapability, and limitations; we remind ourselves of the gravity of His call. It’s not about fame; instead, the Glory of God. It is not about our capability and its measures, but the spreading of the Word of God, to which we know we are called for.

We would always be confident of His will and all of His whereabouts.