By Bro. Jireh Bautista

God once again proved His faithfulness to First Touch Ministry after the success of its very first Family Camp held in Bethel Guest House, Dumaguete City last April 22-24, 2019. Some 164 passionate campers from EFC-Bohol, EFC-Carcar, EFC-Balamban, EFC-Negros and EFC-Cebu enjoyed the presence of God during the three-day affair.

The delegates were beyond blessed from the sessions. Surprisingly, all sermons were leaning toward the same path and revolved around finding one’s God-given purpose. Done by searching one’s heart, molding from life’s tests, aligning of right priorities and living out the unwasted life. These may all sound too overwhelming to carry out but the campers were assured that we serve a limitless God who has called us all for greatness that is selfless and God-glorifying.

Pastor Jay Bautista, FTM Senior Pastor started the very first session and talked about constantly scanning our hearts. He highlighted that when our hearts are not ready, sometimes the blessing becomes a burden. Pastor Gen Rosal followed the next session and discussed about God allowing us to go through pain and poverty to prepare us for peace and prosperity. During the first night session, the group was blessed from Pastor Andrew Kwong’s preaching while having a good laugh from his amazingly good Bisaya skills. His sermon had the campers realize about not wasting one’s life from living an amoral life – a life that falls between being fully committed to God and being totally wicked. It’s likened to not having any concern at all yet still appearing to be spiritual. He said that the goal should not be staying alive but not wasting life.

On Day 2, Pastor Em Bautista talked about God’s limitless provision, protection, presence, power, and perfect wisdom. She emphasized that since we serve a limitless God, one can never box oneself and be short-sighted as to what God is able to do with one’s life. Pastor Bene Cabase of EFC Tagbilaran came next and preached about reaching our destiny. That we get hold of God’s plan, our fate, when we align to Him our priorities, our heart, and our relationships.

Pastor Andrew shared during the final night session. He preached about redeeming greatness. According to him, we now have the task to pursue greatness because of the danger of minimalism – when we settle for less and when we dare not to dream for big things. He mentioned that there is such a thing being great yet still being humble. He left the group with the question: Who do you want to be? Is that desire God-glorifying? Others-helping?

On the last day, everyone enjoyed the wonderful Forest Camp as they celebrated FTM’s 4th year anniversary. It was also a triumphant day to celebrate because of the 12 delegates who took the step of water baptism. What an awesome moment it was when all proclaimed: I am a follower of Jesus! There’s no turning back!

Throughout the entire camp, one can really sense that there is an evident unity among the delegates. They may all be from different biological families but they knit so tight like one big happy family.

The FTM family can undoubtedly testify God’s goodness and undeniable favor. Looking back to how the church started from barely nothing, God indeed does not fail when He makes promises. Praise Him for blessing us this church family and may we be great stewards to His every blessing and provision.  To God be all the honor!