By: Rosella Abenio

The time we spend with children impacts the rest of their lives because the things that are instilled as a child won’t be forgotten when they are older.  Children’s ministry allows us to pour into their lives the Word of God. For thousands of years, God has called His people to participate in the work of helping kids to know Him, to live and grow as people of faith. Children’s ministry plays a significant role in fulfilling this work, but it needs committed and faithful teachers who can lead and teach the little ones the ways of God.

With the aim to train and equip teachers in the Children’s Ministry, EFC – Cagayan de Oro embarked on a 2-day DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) Teacher’s Training last April 15-16, 2019. Over 32 teachers from JECPP Northern Mindanao EFC churches, including CDO, Lala, Mambayaan, Naawan, and Malaybalay joined the said training.

The 2-day Teacher’s Training was in preparation for the upcoming Daily Vacation Bible School this May 2019. EFC – Cagayan de Oro invited Ms. Juliet Pañaled and Pastor Ever Mamac from Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) as trainers.

The training started with a brief introduction about the teacher’s training, its goals and objectives and the role of every teacher in the learning process. Before the teaching demos, Pastor Ever Mamac emphasized the commitment and faithfulness in the teaching ministry. Furthermore, he stressed the responsibility of teachers to dig into God’s Word not just to teach their lessons but to understand it fully and allow it to permeate every part of their life.

He continued with the presentation of various methodologies in teaching children, such as storytelling, role play, arts and crafts, demonstration, question and answer, introducing new action songs and drills. Moreover, he taught the basic steps in teaching children which includes praying for the students, preparing Bible lessons, and giving emphasis on explaining bible verses before asking the students to memorize.

On the last day of the training, teachers gathered in a small group for their teaching demo. Many new ones stood up and shared boldly by applying the methods learned during the training. All of them were grateful to God for using JECPP through EFC- CDO’s Pastor Andrew Kwong and Pastor Rowena Kwong for facilitating the DVBS teacher’s Training.

For the participants, the training is an ongoing process that never ends.  As the teachers invest their time and energy, their impact will ripple from the lives of the kids to their families and to other people.