By: Hella Nimes

iloilo3After three months of searching last year, Evangel Family Church Iloilo has finally found their own  place of worship located at Ortiz Street, Iloilo City. It was dedicated last May 20, 2015, witnessed by all the Spiritual Leaders, church members, and most especially by JECPP Founding Chairman, Rev. Dr. Robert Lim as our guest speaker. Dr. Lim said the church must move forward and be more faithful to the Lord in spite of  all the challenges and hindrances it may face. He also added, that the members must support their Church and stand behind their Pastor so that the blessings and  goodness of the Lord may be upon the entire city of Iloilo, and that God’s transforming and healing power will flow into every community, family, and individual in the city. He also shared about Evangel Singapore’s pioneering stage in which the church building was made of light materials, and the restroom was just at the back of the altar. Dr. Lim said, that the smell of the restroom would permeate the entire church building, and was strong enough to slay a member during altar calls if he or she just breathed in deeply. The congregation was filled with laughter as he recalled that his church pews  were infested with pests called ‘Bagsat.’ These pesky insects were a constant irritation to the members. Dr. Lim  said that the ‘Bagsats’ outnumbered even his members in the church. But Dr. Lim shared how EFC Singapore started from small beginnings and how it grew to be a church that would greatly impact the lives of the people of Singapore. Today,  Evangel Singapore’s faithfulness to God is blessed with a Church building that could house more than a thousand members who serve the Lord faithfully. Most importantly, EFC Singapore plays a big role in supporting  Global Missions, particularly here in the Philippines. Jireh- Evangel Church Planting Phils. (JECPP)has been one of its foreign missions wing for many years now, and is being used by God to reach the entire Philippine archipelago for Jesus.  Dr. Lim exhorted EFC Iloilo to soar up to new heights and touch the entire city of Iloilo with God’s saving power. After the message, Dr. Lim called upon all the spiritual leaders to pray for Pastor Melanie Claire Igles as she was  installed as Senior Pastor of EFC Iloilo. The congregation then enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship over a sumptuous dinner.