by Joven Sierra A. Llabore

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

ECME graduates with the JECPP Spiritual LeadersExcitement. Overwhelm. Delight.

These were some of the reactions wafted all over the Evangel-Quezon City last August 26 as it held two momentous events: the 19th ECME Graduation and the Church Building Dedication.

Spiritual leaders, church members, parents, and invited guests were all present to witness the official launching of the “new bloods” to their pastoral career. Donned in their togas, the graduates gladly received their certificates; thus, their dream of becoming a fully-equipped minister has been realized. Their eight-month ministerial training has all been paid off.

Elvie Engkira Kenlong, one of the graduates, said: “I’m happy that finally I am about to receive my certificate. It’s really worth the sacrifice and patience.” The rest of the graduates were Jenyrie Fuego Arrogante, Excel Troy Yu Belicena, Milyn Macario Mayake, Keven Rez Alferez Montoya, Romel Anthony Matending Camilo, Joel Adonis Advincula Nanlabi, and Joe Marie Bautista Pabilla.

Also upgraded as Licensed Ministers during this occasion were Pastors Jessa Lachica and Edna Falla. Both have been pastoring their respective churches for several years in Mindoro and have showed full competence to be called so.

Graduation rite was then followed by the dedication of the new place of worship of Evangel QC. In the ceremony, Rev. Andrew Kwong led the lifting of hands as sign of support and prayer for the outpouring of overflowing blessings to the new place of worship.

Rev. Dr. Robert Lim delivering a powerful messageEvangel QC was also given the privilege to listen to the Founding Chairman of Jireh Evangel Church-Planting of the Philippines (JECPP) Inc., Rev. Dr. Robert Lim.

Rev. Dr.Lim, the guest speaker, spoke on “taking the ministry seriously.”  In his message, he narrated the series of unwanted and untoward incidents – financial bankruptcy, social catastrophes, and international crisis that happened in the world; however, he encouraged the people to take heart because there is hope.

He emphasized, “The resurrection is true. Jesus is alive. Among all the founders of any ‘religion’ or ‘sect’, Jesus was the only one resurrected! The rest remained in their grave. Don’t be afraid to share what you know, don’t be shy to share the Word of God.”

The ceremony ended with dinner fellowship among the members and guests.

To all the ECME graduates, to Rev. Jessie B. Yu and the members of Evangel QC, Congratulations! May you continue to commit yourselves to sharing the Word of God to the mountains, over the hills, and everywhere.

For we are the product of His hand, heaven’s poetry etched in our lives, created in the Anointed Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago.

 Ephesians 2:10 (VOICE)