EFC Bohol Section Holds First Youth Camp 

By Ptr. Gina Yana

The Youth Fun Club of EFC- Bohol desired to equip the teens with the Word of God through a special program where they can try out diverse church activities, learn from others and make new Christian friends.  Accordingly, they initiated a youth gathering themed New Start Youth Camp on October 31 to November 2, 2019 at EFC-Cortes and Villa Unabia Balilihan Hometown Resort.  A total of 34 delegates from various EFC Bohol Section attended: 23 from EFC-Tagbilaran, 4 from EFC-Cortes, and 7 from EFC-Balilihan. The event was the first of its kind in the region.

Pastor Leah Cabase of EFC- Tagbilaran ignited the fire on the first morning with a powerful message on the responsibilities of the youth as believers of Jesus Christ.  She shared the different ways we can work on our relationship with God.  The afternoon session kept the fire burning as Pastor Bene Cabase shared the beginning of Jesus’ teaching ministry at a young age of 12. According to him, no one is too young to preach the gospel and bring a lasting impact to people of all ages. In the evening, the Youth Fun Club President, Mr Robinlie Lumanta shared his life’s testimony and encouraged the young people to serve the Lord gladly and wholeheartedly.

On the following day, the group had a great time of bonding through a campout activity at Villa Unabia Balilihan Hometown Resort. The delegates enjoyed the outdoor games and the much-anticipated Praise Jam- a time of praise and worship where the youth poured out their hearts in worshipping the Lord. It was the highlight of the day, the presence of God embraced all the delegates, they encountered the God who loves them unconditionally. Kids of tender ages of 11-12 to the ones who have been in the faith for a long time have received a touch from God in various ways. In the evening, the delegates enjoyed the sharing of testimonies and group presentations such as singing and dancing. After the program, the group took advantage of the pools and the starry skies. The place was overwhelmed with the splashing of water and laughter until the leaders called everyone to return to their respective cottages.

The third and last day was the farewell activity for the participants. The camp was an event everyone would surely treasure and remember. Everyone left the venue with a transformed heart.  They were excited and passionate to serve God.

Lastly, the Youth Fun Club would like to thank those who gave their support to make the event successful and highly memorable. The pastors and members (EFC-Tagbilaran, EFC-Balilihan, EFC-Cortes) for their support not only in prayers, but also financially, morally, emotionally, and materially. And above all, the club is giving every piece of glory to God for making the Youth Camp event a success.