Christmas is More Than just Wrapped Presents.

The Christmas Drop 2

Evangel Family Church Cagayan De Oro

By Rosella Abenio & Meryl Dominguez

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, but not for many people who are struggling to get back on their feet in these trying times. Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Christmas celebration may not have been grand or lavish, but it remains meaningful because it focuses on sharing and giving hope to others.

Many people have faced unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID19, but the church will still give back to its community this Christmas. Evangel Family Church CDO continued its annual Christmas giving project, “The Christmas Drop,” in honor of God’s priceless gift to us, and the church was able to provide food packs to a total of 250 families on December 11, 22, and 23, 2021, thanks to the outpouring of support from church members.

The joyous preparation and distribution

Despite the fact that the pandemic imposed some restrictions, the church made every effort to prepare for actual gift-giving. There was a lot of planning involved, from the planning to the distribution of food packs. Aside from financial resources, everyone put forth their best efforts and sacrifices for the Christmas giving project. Church members volunteered and came to help with the purchasing, sorting, and packing of goods. It’s encouraging to see the church and its members band together and commit their hearts to the giving project.

The first batch on giving was on December 11, 2021. The AVAS company, led by Jovan Monterde and his team, partnered with Evangel Family Church CDO. They were able to hand out a total of 100 food packs to families in Barangay Pagatpat and Calaanan. In addition, Ms. Kristy Kwong and Mr. Isaac Tan also sponsored Jollibee burgers for the kids.

The following batch of giving was distributed on December 22 and 23. It was held in Barangay Nazareth, Bolonsori, Gango, Indahag, Consolacion, Zone 8 Upper Canitoan, and Molugan, El Salvador. They successfully handed out a 150 food packs to the families. Not only that, the kids on those barangays were also given toys.

The first and second batch of giving was accompanied by Pastor Andrew and Rowena Kwong, all the church staff, and some volunteer members of the church. Everyone was happy carrying their Christmas food packs back to their respective homes. The joy in their hearts was visible on their faces, as were the words of gratitude on their lips. After all, the most important gift of Christmas does not come in bright wrapping paper, it does not come with a bow. But it’s the presence of Jesus more than the presents we give.


Batch 1

Batch 2