By: Jalyn  Bachoco

My father is an epitome of the biblical expression “Man of God.”

I am Jalyn Bachoco, the eldest daughter of Pastor Honorio Bachoco. Let me tell you about my father’s life before God called him home.

My sister and I had hoped to spend more time with my father. It was our hope to share with him the fruits of his sacrifices on our behalf. However, the Lord called him home.

Despite the fact that it sounds sad, I want to acknowledge the greatness and brilliance of our father. Having written this, I had the opportunity to conclude who Papa is, as he deserves.

What type of dad is Pastor Honorio Bachoco?

We think of him as a very protective father, and we don’t blame him for it. He’s a very responsible person despite his disability. He prioritizes our needs above his own. Furthermore, he’s a selfless, loving dad, so we look at him like an inspiration.

For us, he’s a treasure. In retrospect, we didn’t have enough money to buy the clothes we desired. We could not go out so often as other households do, but we are grateful because we got a dad who always does his utmost to give us the best. This is something we owe to our father. We may have few resources, but we got a father who loves us both.

During his ministry, my father had encountered difficult circumstances, but his desire to make a difference in someone’s life prevailed. While we doubted at times, he always reminded us that God exists, and that God works in our situation actively. All we have to do is put our total confidence in Him.

Throughout the difficult times we have been through, it has always been our father’s love and faith that has kept us strong. That is why Papa is such a good man. In one instance in 2014, while my mother is struggling physically, my father stayed by her side, encouraging her and reassuring her of his love and telling her of God’s plan for her life. I was stunned at the time and tried not to cry as I began to drift off to sleep.

As a pastor, my father exemplified the heart of a shepherd. He’s been described as a good man who is there when you need him. He is an inspiration to the church and others. I saw a passion in his heart for God’s service. Despite his limitations, he obeyed God and carried out His will. His devotion to God’s work astounds us as his children. It was a pure and genuine type of service. He believes God is always at work, even in the times difficulties.

We were taught by my father to always choose to dwell in the presence of God.

We can’t tell what lies ahead of us; I do believe we will go through many metamorphoses in our lives as orphans, but my father’s legacy will always motivate us to pursue God’s will. My father’s legacy will always be remembered and cherished, and his heritage as a shepherd will always be an inspiration for us to continue the ministry until the Lord returns.

There are no words to describe how proud we are to be a part of my father’s journey. He fought a good fight of faith. He had finished the race. He remained faithful.

We are immensely grateful to JECPP because, while we were in trouble, you have helped us. Thank you so much for praying for us and financially supporting us.

We are thankful beyond words for Dr. Robert Lim, our Founding Chairman, for his support.

God alone deserves all the glory and honor.