By: Katherine Lucero

15For the third time, the JECPP Southern Mindanao region young people united to revive our commitment again toward Christ. More than 200 participants from Evangel Family Churches all over Southern Mindanao gathered for the Annual NexGen Youth Conference at  Mergrande Ocean Resort, Toril, Davao City last March 22-25 2016.

The conference theme “Making Disciples, Planting Churches” encouraged everyone to be involved and help the church in every way we can.

Rev. Tony Angelias moved us in the first night when he discussed about “Knowing the Holy Spirit person to person.” He stated that the Holy Spirit is a lovely person who likes to fellowship with us. He is one call away. He is also willing to help us in our weaknesses and gives us power to live righteous lives.

On the second night, Rev. Greg Simpas reminded us the Power of Commitment. Being committed to God give us endurance in running our race, and it is the potent ingredient of success. If we fully commit to the Lord, there are always good results, said Pastor Greg.

3“The Danger of Falling Asleep in Church” was an interesting and insightful message delivered by Rev. Peter Wee on the last night of the conference. He began with the story of Eutychus, a certain young man who sat in the window while listening to the teaching of Paul. He fell into sleep and fell down from the third loft.

Eutychus could represent some Christians nowadays who give most of their time in worldly things. Sometimes we are physically present in church, but our mind and heart are sleeping. We go to church but we don’t participate. Pastor Wee warned everyone to stop looking at the world or to those things that rob us of our purpose.  If you see your friend sleeping, wake him up!, challenged Pastor Wee.

Other speakers in the morning sessions were Pastors Mivelyn Margate, Delia Miguel, Liza Angelias and Albert Poliño. These anointed speakers  brought  very timely messages that the young people and the entire church need.

There was also an open forum on the last day morning session where participants can raise questions regarding some issues in church. Pastor Christine and other pastors shared their wisdom and advises on the concerns raised during the forum.

Aside from spiritual teachings, there were also workshops for skills development. We had Movie Making that would make church presentations and information dissemination more attractive and effective. Musician and Crafts sessions were especially designed to hone music and artistic talents in the church. Poem writing session was another venue to motivate creative expressions of young people as well as make songwriting easy for budding writers in the church.

There were 19 young people from the different churches who heed the call of Christ took a step of water baptism.

The whole conference satisfied the need of the young people today. God is just so amazing! It challenged us to do greater things in the ministry, inspired us to live a righteous life, and teaches us the importance of honoring and praying for our Pastors.