By: Rev. Mivelyn Margate

With great desire to strengthen the family unit, the 8th Tribal Family Camp was held last May 22-25, 2017 at Evangel Family Church-Marahan with more than 250 campers from the different outstation churches. The participants came with eagerness to bring family members to God’s Kingdom.

With the theme “Ang Kristohanong Mabungahon” (The Fruitful Christian), the retreat intensified personal commitment to God to be effective soul winners in the family. Early morning devotions and teachings were lined up and physical activities like parlor games, ball games and group fellowships energized the afternoon sessions.

Revival transpired during the three night sessions. Tribal volunteer workers, Pastor Evangeline Latimbang, Pastor Jun Flomentera, Sister Jo-Ann Latimbang, Brother Carlito Lasquite and Brother Roel Sarahan, who are products of the Tribal Workers Intensive Training (T.W.I.T.) led the morning sessions. Rev. Mivelyn Margate, Rev. Patricio Margate and Rev. Doming Mansabanlay shared the word of God nightly.

The last night of the camp was truly memorable because of the great testimonies of the campers who experienced the moving of the Holy Spirit. One lady from the outstation in Old Kabalantian said that she cannot explain how she felt that night but all she knew was that God heard her longtime prayer for her father. She is now looking forward for the next year’s camp where she can bring her father who is a leader of a rebel group in the mountains. She believes that as she keeps on praying for him, he will be saved.

The tribal ministry was so grateful to God for His awesome presence manifested in the camp. The family activity was pushed through the generosity of JECPP Southern Mindanao and every tribal outstation church who financially pledged for the event. God’s name is exalted among the tribes. Hallelujah!