By Joshua Salvador

The Transformakers shared a surreal moment on February 15, 2019 at the Transformakers Hall of FTM Ministry Center, Cebu City. It was the youth’s special event for the Month of Love with the theme: Real Love. An event showcasing the youth’s thoughts and emotions through the gift of spoken word of poetry.

The venue was transformed into a café, with coffee tables and chairs combined with delectable snacks and beverages to set a different ambience.  Some 82 youth excitedly attended the event and the mood was set for a night filled with words of thanksgiving, joy, praises, and honor to the Lord our God.

After the wonderful time of praise and worship, both Individual Category and Group Category presented their original written poems. Poems were from Teams G1, Fearless, Conquerors, Epic Squad, Army and two guest presenters from Bantayan Island Connect Center. Each performer whole-heartedly expressed their emotions and shared their poems to bless everyone.  The presentation time was received with cheers, giggles and laughter by the audience.

The highlight of the event was the message of God given by Pastor Genevieve Rosal. She pointed out on what Real Love is. According to her, the source of genuine love, that is unconditional and selfless is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then she introduced Jesus and led everyone to a Prayer of Salvation. That night, Real Love entered into the hearts of the attendees. The world may think that Heart’s Day is a sad and lonely time for singles, rejected students, and employees. However, that night reminded everyone that the love of God is what they have been looking for, they encountered the One who is the source of Real Love – Jesus Christ.