Evangel Family Church Taytay Typhoon Ulysses Relief Operation:

By: Domingo Galagata

Typhoon Ulysses lashed-out on the main Island of Luzon last November 11 to 12, 2020. Whipping destructive wind and dumping torrential rain over a wide area, triggering extensive flooding in several areas including Metro Manila which has led to further displacement and increased the hardship of vulnerable people.

Many families were affected by the flood and some members of the Evangel Family Church Taytay were also flooded. They temporarily evacuated to the church until the flood subsided.

JECPP Spiritual Council immediately assisted the 20 families, who were stranded in the church and some Evangel Family Church Taytay members who were flooded as well.

They were joyful and grateful to God for the help they have received from JECPP. Thanks to Dr. Robert Lim and to the Spiritual Leaders who generously shared monetary help to alleviate the anguish of those families who were severely affected by the flood.

We are forever grateful to JECPP for supporting us in this adversity. Glory and honor be to our Lord Jesus Christ.


By: Bro Jubert Cose

The Super typhoon Ulysses brought Luzon defenseless. The amount of rain brought by the typhoon Ulysses triggered massive flooding in some lowland areas that submerged residents most especially in some parts of Quezon City.  Thousands of homes in low-lying areas in Metro Manila were submerged by the flood and resulted in damage to properties as reported by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

With the need for efficient and rapid assistance, the Evangel Family Church-Veterans, Quezon City united to help those in need. By God’s grace, we have gathered financial assistance and clothes from friends and from Evangel Family Church La Union.  With these, we were able to give food packs containing rice, canned goods, bread, dairy products, and clothes to each family in the whole community of Sitio Ibayo, San Mateo, Rizal.  243 families in total were assisted. We not only provided their material need but most of all we have shared Jesus with them. That in this chaos they have experienced only Jesus can give them hope.

We are so blessed to bless others.  To God be all the glory!

EFC Nueva Viscaya – Typhoon Ulysses Relief Operation

By Ptr. Jennyboy Cose

Four consecutive typhoons struck the Philippines; typhoon Rolly, Siony, Tonyo, and Ulysses. And two of these were super typhoons, Rolly and Ulysses. Many Filipinos were affected, most of them lost their houses, livelihood, and some valuables, but the most painful thing is the loss of their loved-ones.

Everyone doesn’t expect the toughness it would bring despite the warning in the news.  It was distressing for the victims of these typhoons primarily in this time of the pandemic.

Nueva Viscaya is one of the places severely hit and affected. In history, many typhoons struck Nueva Vizcaya before, but this is the first time for them to see flood everywhere. Some of them slept with their relatives nearby.

In this time of difficulties, people were frustrated, they lost their hope, and many were distressed while confusion crept in on how to start anew. But because of those people who have a generous heart, it lightened the load for everyone who was affected by the typhoon.

We, in Evangel Family Church in Solano, are so grateful and blessed for the assistance provided by JECPP and Pastor Jethro Novero.

We incredibly appreciate the generosity; our hearts are overwhelmed by the blessings we received. Surely our God will give back a hundred-fold of what they gave. Glory to God!

“For every gift, there is a giver. And for everything to be thankful for there is someone to thank.”