Sharing the Christmas’ hope for kids suffering from Cancer

By : Meryl Krys Dominguez

Christmas is the most joyful holiday of the year. But for many of the families who have loved ones suffering from cancer, Christmas is a milestone. Seeing the condition of their children may mean not knowing whether they will spend another Christmas together as a family.

For the first time, Evangel Family Church Cagayan de Oro hosted a Christmas party for all the kids who are suffering from cancer last December 26, 2019 at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC).  EFC CDO team, spearheaded by Pastor Rowena Kwong and Pastor Andrew Kwong, filled the place with a joyous Christmas celebration with special participation of McDonald’s mascot. Its sole purpose was to bring hope for the kids who are battling cancer. A special way of telling them that God cares for them and that there is hope and complete healing in Jesus Christ.

It was a rare opportunity for children undergoing treatment to enjoy the joy of Christmas with their families, helping them to create lasting memories at this special time of the year. A time to meet survivors, to be swept up in the festive cheer and to feel hopeful for the future – something many of them would have thought impossible a few months or years before.

A total of forty-two cancer-patient (kids) attended the party together with their parents. These kids are suffering from different kinds of cancer. Most of the kids ages from 4 to 18 years old who attended the party are suffering from Leukemia. Despite the fact that the kids felt tired because of the medications, they still have the courage and joy to participate in the games and win prizes. It was a party full of hope, encouragement, and joy for them.

“It was a unique Christmas party with the kids. Despite everything they went through, I can still see smiles on their faces. It was so encouraging to see them really enjoy and be hopeful in life,” said Neil Simpas, one of the EFC CDO church volunteers.

The parents also enjoyed seeing their kids actively participate in the games in spite of their circumstances. Kids undergoing treatment, as well as survivors, siblings and parents enjoyed a delicious Mcdonald’s meal, games, and received gifts. After eating, some of the kids prepared a song presentation entitled “Yesterday’s Dreams”. Everyone including their parents became teary-eyed as the kids sang the song. It may seem a heart-wrenching presentation for the audience, but the kids were so joyful and hopeful in performing the song.

Seeing those heart-lifting smiles from the kids reminds us of two things— to worry less in every condition, and that, God is in control of everything. They may be suffering from cancer, but still they manage to give smiles to the people around them.

The celebration rounded off with a prayer for all the kids. Pastor Rowena and the whole team prayed for them.

Christmas season is meant to be joyful that it may create good memories. As the church embark on this undertaking, it has brought a new light, new hope for the kids whose life has been affected by cancer. Bringing Jesus closer to them and letting them experience the love and joy this Christmas season is one thing that they will never forget. For these kids, it was a Christmas to remember!