School and feeding programs reward faithful attendees

Nine feeding centers,

52 feeding workers, 810 children, one community, one church and one God have this one vision – to see the younger generation rise up and become the future Christ-centered leaders and values-driven professionals through education, pursuit of one’s dreams and fulfillment of every child’s God-given purpose.

Last  May 22, 2014, 26 workers gathered at EFC-Cebu to pack bags of school supplies for  the faithful graders, and gifts for the non- schooling kids from

the different feeding centers. Gail Eviota, one of the packing volunteers, commented that the entire packing session was carried out systematically with everyone really enjoying his or her task. “Everybody wanted to wrap everything up quickly to finish the packing period earlier”, she added. The packing started at 10 am and ended at almost 6 pm.

Segregating the supplies for various grade levels, packing them in plastic bags and envelopes, labeling them with the children’s names and distributing the bags to the feeding centers tired the volunteers.

The anticipated kids’ smiles, however, replenished their energy and excitement. The awaited day finally came. The feeding workers arrived at Riverside, one of the feeding centers, where the program would be held.

After settling down, an opening prayer was delivered and followed with an energizing song. The children’s excitement was so evident particularly the faithful ones who knew that before the afternoon ends, they’ll be bringing home the reward of their consistent Sunday attendance. But before the presents were handed out, a short inspiring speech conveyed what the children say when asked what they want to be in the future. Becoming doctors, nurses, and teachers were common responses.

Teacher Sheryl Gabule of Tejero feeding center said that after hearing the Tejero kids’ aspirations, she sees hope for our nation – a kind of hope that needs to be ignited from the children’s hearts and be nurtured in God’s direction. This is also hope that calls for more ates and kuyas who shall be God’s means to mold these precious ones. Priceless smiles flashed as more than 700 children were called one by one to receive their faithfulness reward. Ronnie Sevilla Jr. of Laurente feeding centersaid that he is very glad seeing the kids happy and encouraged to do better in school. Although not everybody met the required number of Sunday meetings, nobody went home empty-handed. Everyone received a snack, but above all, they were challenged to excel in their studies and receive another faithfulness reward in next year’s back to school program.

When all the faithful kids got their gifts, a group photo was taken, together with the feeding workers, marking another special day full of childlike joy.