Luzon Church Planters Year-End Fellowship

By: Ptra. Rachel Engreso

Luzon Church Planters ended 2019 with a bang. The idea of this celebration started out as a plan to gather up in unity and in fellowship and it is now realized by the driven Luzon church-planters.

The church planters were eager to come together despite the distance and they travelled from all over Luzon to the cold and cozy Baguio City last December 31, 2019 to celebrate the Holiday season together.

They were encouraged in hearing the testimonies of their fellow church-planters on how God sustained them in their ups and downs. There was a realization that they are not alone in this endeavor all of them are rowing towards heaven’s direction. Even though rowing is tough, as long as they have God, the captain, nothing is impossible.

Ptr. Annaliza Novero shared an inspiring message from Haggai 1:1-15 which reminds the church-planters that they have to focus on God’s calling; to do the ministry He entrusted to them and they should not be sidetracked by anything that is apart from His will. Boiling down to the point that they need  to focus on their calling. They need to have a mission and a vision because “a ministry without a mission and vision is a ministry without meaning.”

Apart from the spiritual nourishment, they all enjoyed the fellowship around the table; the laughter, the stories that came with big smiles and wide gestures, the delectable food, and the homey atmosphere that the gathering emanated.

They are grateful for the life of Rev. Jetro Novero, Luzon’s Regional Director and his supportive wife, Rev. Annaliza Novero, for their big heart and generosity towards the church-planters of Luzon.

All the church planters were thankful for JECPP and the spiritual leaders, for their unfailing support to their ministries. Great thanks are expressed to Rev. Dr. Robert Lim, Rev. Marion Lim and their family for the love and care.

With a grateful heart, they move on into the year 2020; which all glory is given to the same God who made the past years fruitful tothe glory of His kingdom.