JECPP First Audio Workshop

Audio Check 1, … 2, …3, ….

By Bong Sepulveda

  And all the people went up after him, playing pipes and rejoicing greatly, so that the ground shook with the sound. (1 Kings 1:40 NIV)

Last October 2 to 3, 2013, JECPP, in partnership with SHOWIMAGE, held its first Audio workshop with the theme: “Basic Audio System Applications for End-Users Workshop” held at Evangel Family Church-Davao. The workshop was formally opened by Rev. Peter Wee, and the Resource Speaker was Engr. Dennis B. Domingo, owner of SHOWIMAGE Inc. There were 26 JECPP delegates in all from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao who were trained on the Public Audio (PA) System to help them balance good and clear sounds for church services.

On the first day, delegates were taught on the basics of the PA System setup for different venues, as well as surroundings and applications for each venue. The delegates were also taught to know basic terms such as: Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Monitors, etc. and the basic functions of these equipment.

On the second day, we were taught how to manipulate the sound mixers. The hands-on experience boosted the enthusiasm of the delegates as we learned proper handling of the Analog and the Digital Mixer. There was also a question and answer session where the resource speaker addressed concerns raised by delegates over PA systems in their own respective churches.

We must value the PA System as a tool that helps church members to fully grasp the message conveyed to them by the speaker or Pastor. It also enhances the harmony of the instruments, thus, enabling the worshipers to fully participate and further enjoy the songs and the presence of the Lord. Even in the history of the Old Testament church, God gave clear commands to His people on clear sounds of “rumbling of thunders, the sounds of the trumpets and the clarity of His voice”.

Engr. Domingo, whom we all fondly call Kuya Dave or Brother Dave, gave us a reminder on the role of someone who operates sounds. “You must not use just your ears but use your heart. Mixing sound is a talent and we should ask from God who gives generously to those who ask for it.”

The heart beats life to our physical body. In the same way, a good sound that comes from the heart releases life to the hearers, he said. “You can either be used by God to produce anointed sound, or by the enemy to produce noise and neglect the body of Christ by blocking the clear message God intends for all.”

It is imperative that in our modern churches today, the PA system must be deemed as an important part of the church. Despite this fact though, we must never forget that what matter most to God are our hearts and our motives. As worship leaders, we must glorify the Lord Almighty in everything that we do. Let us press on and strive to improve on the sound management in all our Churches, all for the Glory of God.