By: La Donna Yap

“Yes, I can be a Little Missionary” Camp

God is still the God of miracles.  He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

Mercy House is a family church to some faithful followers of Jesus who love Him fervently.  In their hearts was a cry for the restoration of the youth in the church as well as the children in their village.  Holding a Bible summer camp would be the best avenue to gather the young people.  Bro. Nicholas Nah, his wife Mei Leng and leaders of Mercy House started to pray for God’s provision.  The group headed by Pastor Wichai planned to rent a campsite and jotted down the financial needs of the Bible Camp.  Bro. Nicholas Nah encouraged these leaders to trust in God’s provision.  He and his wife contributed a substantial amount while the others managed to raise a small amount.  In spite of their efforts, they were still short of about S$2,000.00.  The church continued to pray and trust God that the financial shortage would be met on time.

Their faith was put to a test.  The campsite was already asking for payment and confirmation.  Khun Wanphen, Pastor Wichai’s wife, was about to cancel the booking of the campsite when miraculously, God showed up to meet their needs.

On the same day, Bro. Nicholas received two checks.  One check came from Pastor Robert Lim and the other check from JECPP.  Bro. Nicholas was awe-struck and at the same time strengthened in faith that our God is truly faithful.  He promised to supply all the needs of His servants.

The leadership team consisting of Pastor Wichai, Khun Wanphen and Khun Two were overjoyed when Bro. Nicholas broke the news to them.  They did not ask help nor informed the Church in Singapore about their need.  They depended on God alone to provide the camp’s needs.

When the children’s Summer Bible Camp was over, they had more than enough with some to spare for the camp.  They expressed their heart-felt gratitude to Pastor Lim and JECPP.

Indeed, God is still in the miracle business.  He will meet us at the point of our need.